HEllo family! I miss you guys so much and I love you guys so much! But here I am safe in Colombia. Sorry I didn’t email you before, mom. For some reason it wouldn’t let me and so I just wrote down the emails I thought I remembered hoping it would get to someone.

They are very strict with time here so I have only an hour. So I am going to write a big email and those who I don’t respond to personally I will do that on Tuesday, which is my next P day. Also these computers are hard to use to forgive me for the bad grammar or spelling but I am trying.
Okay let me tell you a little about Colombia. We are at 9000 ft elevation so sometimes it is hard to breathe and it is always pretty chilly which blows because I didn’t bring very many jackets. But its okay. And its always overcast. The food here consists are rice, potatoes, soup, but mostly…are you ready? HOT DOGS. We have hot dogs in eggs hot dogs in soups hot dogs in meats hot dogs in every things. Sometimes our breakfast is just one hot dog. No bun. Just a hot dog and juice.
Don’t worry about my safety here because we are double fenced in and there are security guards lining the perimeter of the CCM. Also Bogota thinks we are a rehab center for American kids so I think we are good here. But we get to exercise for like an hour a day and during that time we are sometimes to try and contact with people. Which consists of us sticking our arms through the fence and saying hola and asking them if they have a religion. So people generally avoid this place. Speaking of exercising I have really been consist in running every day. We run for 30 minutes around the building which is about as big as…I dont know…a small church. Like us and the Garvins house put together. So running gets tedious and the elevation hurts but like I said all we eat is rice and hot dogs so I am trying here.
So how the CCM works is every two weeks we get a new group of nortes and a new group of Latins and when you are at your fourth week here you get a Latin companion to finish it off. Which people say is tough but super helpful.
The night we got here, it was like 1 am and we were so tired but the Presidente sat us down and told us that the CCM was not a place to be boisterous. He didnt want laughing or singing or talking with the elders or any of that kind of stuff. So anyways I went to bed that night like, holy moly, what have I done. But dont worry. It is much more fun than that. We laugh all the time, mostly because we are horrible at spanish and make so many mistakes. But we also work our bootys off. We wake up and six fifteen and are in personal study by seven and then breakfast at 8 then class pretty much until nine thirty. Except for meals and an hour of gym time. So my spanish still blows but it is already so much better.
So every p day we get to go to the Colombia temple. I did that for the first time this morning and it was beautiful. So interesting. I sat next to an older Colombian lady and she was so sweet and tied my robes and straightened my clothes and called me pretty. The city, on the other hand, is not so pretty. It is like downtown New Jersey I would imagine. So much graffitti and dirtiness. And the way people drive is insane. They dont use stop signs or lights so you just honk and hope no one hits you. Also they dont use lanes. So everyone is like grazing the sides of everyone elses cars. Estabien.
My companion is Hermana Anderson. She lived in Boise and went to BYU last year. I think we got off to a good start when I asked her where people joked about getting their mission call, because we all joke about Boise. Jk. We get along really well and laugh all the time (dont tell Presidente). Sometimes she tell me what to do which is annoying but who cares.
My district is so cute. My district leader is hilarious and loves girls. Like the highlight of the week was when he said he wished we could all be hermanas.
Okay i am going to send a few pictures. We only get our cameras on p days so I dont have very many. Life is good though. I hope you all had fun in Bear Lake! And dad i hope you had a happy birthday. Dont worry that I wasnt there to make a treat because I dont get treats either. Except for sometimes they give us like green jello. Oh actually. Quick story. Yesterday they served pizza and I am serious everyone freaked out. Like people were crying and hugging and I felt sick with happiness. Oh also there are like 60 people in this MTC. 30 white people and 30 Latins. Everyone is really nice. All the girls share a bathroom though and there are only 3 working showers and the power goes off at least once a day. Random things keep coming to my head to i will probably write more in a moment.
I love you guys! I fall asleep every night thinking about all of you. Mom, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for those packages. Those sort of things keep me going and the Utah necklace is so cute. I brag about you all the time. My heavens I love you guys. Also sorry to hear about Elder Packer, that was very sad.
Love you!!!!!!
Hermana Brimley