Hola family!

It feels like I just wrote so excuse me for not having to much to say. Haha.
So last week was great because we just had lots of devotionals and on Wednesday we got extra gym time which is EVERYTHING. And on Friday we got to go out to the city for a few hours and actually go proselyte. It was a good learning experience because I thought that I was going to be okay but it was a kick in the dang pants at how bad my spanish really is. We talked to this one guy for ages and I honestly thought he was speaking chinese (granted his accent had that “ching chang chow” kind of thing). But yeah it was good. We gave out a couple of Book of Momons and we got some peoples number.
We had these like croissant things the other day. And they were so good. Everyone was so excited because they were not rice or hot dogs but lo and behold what were they stuffed with? Rice and hot dogs. Wow. The same thing happened with this ravioli that we ate. I dont know  why we arent expecting it at this point. There is so much good fruit here though. I had never heard of this one fruit that we eat a lot here it is called a granadia (I dont know how to spell that) and it looks like fish eggs. I nearly died when I opened it. But people like it. I am sorry I talk about food so much but pretty much all we do is go to class and eat…so there you have it.
What else happened this week. Oh yeah on Sunday we were having a district meeting and our District lead elder twitchell was teaching a lesson on the things that are most important in life and he told a story about one time he went out in the woods by himself for like 5 days and he lived off of dandelions because he couldnt find anything else to eat. But one night he caught a squirrel and he was so excited because he would have something other than dandelion soup, but in his words “i looked into the squirrels eyes that night and I chose the dandelions”. Does that even sound funny? Because literally we all fell on the ground laughing. Sundays are just the best here because it is the only day that we can speak English openly. If our teacher catch us speaking english we have to do push ups or squats. So you would think I would either be in better shape or have better spanish but no.
Lets see…I saw some guys giving each other a sponge bath today. They just do it in the median thing in the middle of the freeway. Colombia is bizarre honestly.
I LOVE  my district. We all get along so well and I am so sad to leave them. The other people here are great too. Lately I have been exercising with this girl who played soccer at BYU Hawaii and she is nuts. She makes me run so hard and its so good but so hard. We know the Elders here but the relationships we can form are super strict. Like crazy strict. So, besides the guys in my district, I dont know them too well. But we are getting a new group today which is kind of fun. Actually we are just downsizing in Nortes and getting a booty load of Latins.
Alrighty well. I love the gospel and I love being a missionary. It is so hard and frustrating so much of the time but I honestly love it. I feel like I am paying tithing to the Lord on my life. It is kind of cool. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!!
Love, Hermana Brimley