Hola familia!

Man it feels like it has been years since I have been able to write. But that is okay because the CCM is cool. I will be honest, i am not quite sure what CCM stands for. I think it is Central capitol missionary. Something like that but who knows.
So we switched rooms this week because more latinas came and it is good because now me and my companion live with two latinas. Though one of them is from venezuala and their accents are like impossible. So that has been fun. Also wait…they are kind of mean. They always laugh at my companion when she tries to speak spanish. Which is lame because it is like how much english do you know? But that is okay. It is all a learning experience. Also I think that this has been a stressful week for people because a couple people have had stress seizures and this one girl was barfing up blood and it sounded like something from a horror movie. Then all the girls from the older group right above us have just been bawling every day because apparently having a Latin companion is pretty rough. But i am excited! Because I just need my spanish to get better. Oh, if you were worried dont worry I am not going to have a seizure or panic attack. We are all good here.
So fun thing that happened last week. We had a lesson with Presidente Duvall on how to contact and pretty much he said say something silly enough that people laugh and want to talk to you. So me and my comp tried it through the fence. I was like “I see you are walking” to these guys and a bunch of them stopped and were talking to us. It was stressful because I definitley dont know enough spanish. And they were asking us if we were nuns and stuff because we live across the street from a catholic church and tons of nuns are in and out of there. Anyways, when we told them that we were not nuns they were asking for our numbers and trying to convince us to marry them and stuff. So not exactly a successful contacting time but good Spanish practice haha.
We had two members of the 70 come and speak to us this week which is AWESOME. They bore there testimony about Christ and it was just like the most motivating thing. Also we had a devotional with Presidente Duvall on the gift of tongues and it was a good lesson. But at the end of it he asked this guy who had been here for like 2 days to say the prayer. Needless to say, he said pretty much every word wrong and he was like pretty much crying during it. But at the end of it Presidente was like “was there any one of you that didnt understand what he was trying to say?” and that doesnt sound like much but it was just like YES THAT IS HOW THE SPIRIT WORKS. It was great.
Okay other things. Haha sorry this letter is boring. But these next couple of days are going to be more interesting becausetomorrow we go proselyting for 3 hours out in the city and then Sunday is just the best because it is all english and thenTuesday is P day and we get to go on our tour then! WHOO. Then Wednesday we get out Latin companions so feel free to pray for me for that. Because apparently it is hard.
Okay I love you! The church is true and I am so happy to be on a mission!!! PS I love that you guys arent mentioning California when I KNOW YOU ARE GOING. But seriously have fun. I cant remember exactly what day you are going on but have fun!! I love you guys!!
Hermana Brimley