Hello Family!

So I just got back from tour which was AMAZING. Bogota is both the prettiest and ugliest place in the world. The mountains are so beautiful and green and huge but the streets look like the ghetto of chinatown. So there you go. How is CALIFORNIA? Geez. I can not believe you guys are there without me. I mean I can believe it, but still. I hope you guys are having fun! I have been praying for you guys to enjoy yourself every day because I am just super mature that way. I have never been to Magic Mountain so I hope that was fun. As you might remember I am not a huge roller coaster person, so it is alright that you went without me. Disneyland on the otherhand…wow. Jk. Colombia is da bomb.
So this week we got to go proselyting. It was pretty cool and also hard and it kind of blew. We went out to this random part of the city for three hours and the goal was to get 8 referals. Which is tough. Like a million people came up to me and tried to speak English and they were very kind and told me how beautiful I was and gave me kisses and hugs but then I would try and bring up the gospel and nope. They said adios. Or they would be like “it is great that you believe in god, so do I” and then give me a kiss and run away. Also boys would touch my cheeks and play with my hair and kiss my cheeks and like I dont know enough spanish to tell them to stop but i didnt want to like punch them so I learned this cool ducking mechanism. You learn so much in the CCM.
So I am going to get my Latina companion tonight. Which is cool and also super scary seeing as all the Nortes went crazy with theirs last week. But esta bien because I need to learn spanish and this will force me to learn, even though it is very VERY sad to leave my companion and my district. Like I am pretty heart broken about that.
So tour! So cool. We went to the top of these mountains in Bogota…I think they said it was like 16000 feet above sea level. It was beautiful. And we got to go into this crazy Cathedral on the top of the mountain. And also some guy gave me a free bracelet so NICE. And I got a cool soccer jersey and a sweater. And some candy. Though we are not allowed to eat anything in our rooms. Which is an annoying rule and they told us why this week. Are you ready? It is because the Latins eat too much in their rooms and they get too fat. Dang latins. But it is okay.
Alrighty. This was a boring email. But it was a good week! I am learning a ton about the gospel and spanish and it is really really cool. We watched this video about missionary work, narrated by Elder Holland. I had never heard it. But it was talking about how missionary work isnt easy and it was never meant to be easy because Salvation wasnt a cheap experiece. I dunno, it was just one of those things that like really hit home. Needless to say, I was a wreck.
Alright have fun on your super cool vacation. I will continue to learn the lovely spanish language. Wish me luck with my Latina! It will be very interesting. haha. I love you guys!!
Love, Hermana Brimley