Hola Familia! Welcome to Ecuador , the best mission in the world! Seriously. So cool here. Not literally, it really could not be hotter. Ah so much to say but so little time because, yes, I am one of the few lucky missionaries that still only has an hour to write. So dang it.

Okay, though let me start from the beginning. First things first I am so sorry that I never called back at the airport. I felt so bad because I knew you guys were waiting but I had no more change and we were already running super late for our flight. But talking for just a few minutes was awesome so I am glad we got to do at least that. The flight was good. Nice and smooth. And then the President and his wife and the APs picked us up and immediately went to the Guayaquil temple. We didn’t do a session, but it was cool to see the outside! All the rest of the day we were in safety meetings and stuff, which was really awesome information but like…i was running on 1 hour of sleep so actually not my favorite.
My area is Machala which is like the coolest area. I am not quite sure what pictures you looked at but Machala is not nice. It is extremely poor. Like most of the roads here are dirt and it has mostly cane shacks with dirt floors and tin roofs and no door–which is different but the people are so fun. And humble. And just ready for the gospel. Like we can talk to someone for like 2 minutes and then they want to be baptized. So that is cool. The taxi ride over here I invited someone to be baptized and he said of course and then we got out and my companion was like…yeah no…he was just flirting with you. So you win some and you lose some.
My companion is AWESOME. She is from Peru and knows like no English so WHOO to full immersion because English is just really not a thing here. Who would have thought. But she is so patient and such an awesome missionary so I was super super blessed.
The bugs. are. disgusting. Our apartment is pretty nasty and infested with cockroaches which is just lovely. But it is okay because I sleep under a mosquito net so they cant get me at night. And you know what? It just really makes me appreciate the cleanliness of America so it really is a blessing. The mosquito net is tough because we don’t have air conditioning in our apartment which means I literally wake up in a pool of sweat every morning. But it is okay because everyone is sweaty here!
We do our laundry in the sink. Our water hasn’t been working so that means that the toilet doesn’t work, but there aren’t public bathrooms, and we aren’t allowed to use any other bathrooms. Needless to say our bathroom smells like an outhouse.
Every day we eat lunch at someones house. The food is…good. Sometimes. Again, you win some and you lose some. Lots of rice which is great but also lots of….weird stuff–like plantain balls and lima beans with mayonnaise. Luckily our President is a doctor so he is super strict on what we can and cant eat. So so far I have not gotten sick.
My Spanish has for sure improved but that pretty much means nothing. I can understand quite a bit, and I can pretty much say anything I want, but I have to say it in the most round about kind of ways, generally. So pretty much I am just a 5 year old.
I feel safe here. It is kind of weird how many people stare at me, though. It’s like…I am not THAT white am I? But apparently I am.
Okay I love you guys! I am pretty much an idiot and forgot the wire to my camera but luckily I have p days every week now!! WHOO. So I will for sure send lots of pictures next week. OKay i love you!!
Love, Hermana Brimley