How is everyone doing? I am glad to hear that Riley and Sierra were married! Congratulations guys! Garrett, way to save the day with the speakers and also I hope your stomach is feeling better (lol). Also Ali and Derek oh my gosh your poem was so funny. I was dying. Babies (nate and Anna) congratulations on school.
So this week was cool! Many blessings. This week I was put in a trio with Hermana Nuñez and Hermana Bradley. She is a norte which is cool because ENGLISH WHOO.  But actually she rarely will speak to me in English, which is good but also a little sad. Mostly because Nortes here seriously cannot remember English. They try and totally fail. So maybe I will get there someday, but at this point it everything I can do just to understand and speak a little. By the end of the day my brain is like so exhausting because right now I am trying to directly translate everything in my head, and I think after a while I will get to the point of just hearing and understanding. Does that make sense? Anyways.
To answer a few questions- At this point I only live with my companions. The food is primarily arroz and maybe some hot dogs or chicken (lol the hot dogs never end I don’t understand). Drink is always juice. Which is good because we are definitely not allowed to drink the water here. The people here live in these tiny little shacks. Some have dirt floors but some have cementish floors. I would say generally they are as big as our living room. Its really crazy. My spanish is coming but like I said it is still really hard. haha but give me a few weeks and I will get there I swear. Sundays are just like any other day except we start out at church and then just go from lesson to lesson. People LOVE americans (and by people I mean creepy men). I have never got so many disgusting comments. But my self-esteem has never been higher haha. We do have a cell phone.
A few funny things this week- I found a family of lizards in our apartment. In a way it was cute, in a more real way it was horrible. I saw a guy kill and eat a cat. No comment there. I saw a naked women walking around. Shameless. Apparently that is normal here. Oh crazy thing! (Listen up brother Garvin and also Uncle Logan (though I don’t know if he served in Machala)). In my ward there are 2,000 members! Haha thats crazy. Only like 300 are active but still. Wow.
I am not sure about other thing…this week really has been cool. Its like I am actually a missionary! Wow! Just living the life, teaching people this gospel. Its pretty cool. Spiritual experiences? Its like, everything I do I attribute to the spirit. Like sometimes I am so tired and not willing to try and understand but I will say a prayer and be like please help me focus just for like 5 minutes and BAM I am ready to go. There spirit is just always there for me and its really the greatest blessing.
Okay guys. I love you all! Thank you for your letters and your prayers because you cannot imagine how much they help. Love you!!!
Love, Hermana Brimley