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September 2015

We have to invite 8 people every day to be baptized

Hola Family!

How are we all? Sounds like everyone is busy living their lives in the crazy U.S. of A. Nate: bien hecho with your lacrosse and with your many fans. Anna! Good job on your math test, that´s amazing!
So let me answer some questions..
Silvia is not home yet and yeah pretty much that situation is so sad. She is in Guaquil. Her baby had the operation and is fine but she won’t say when she is coming back and really doesn’t answer our calls. Our mamita has the kids and she is pretty much an angel for doing this. I do get to watch conference on Saturday and Sunday, though I think it is delayed 1 hour because…it´s in Spanish…
Yes, most people are “Catholic” but that pretty much means that they don’t go to church but love Jesus. We find investigators mostly through references. Occasionally tracking. In our mission we have to invite 8 people every day to be baptized so sometimes we get investigators from that, but most of the time it is just a good way to practice Spanish. Some people have computers and TVs and yeah some people see movies from America and stuff. My favorite is when we will go to like these horrible houses that don’t have roofs and they can’t afford to eat anything but rice but then they have a Smartphone or something.
So this week. What happened…oh yeah Monday we had cambios:( So Hermana Perez is in Guayaquil (a lot of times that is where they send the sick people, so they can be close to the President–did I mention Hermana Perez was sick a lot? (It was because her cholesterol was like out of control high)). Anyways we had to go to Guayaquil in the middle of the night, but it´s okay because we got back just in time to go to work. Always fun! But this week was busy because we have a lot of fechas. To answer your question mom: we teach them Lesson 1, 2, 3, and Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom, and pregunta 4 (have you ever had an abortion, killed anyone, been in prison, been in a homosexual relationship (like the big sins)).
Saturday we baptized Gustavo. He is 14 and his mom was really excited about his baptism and the service was great because his family is so happy he is doing this, even though none of them will get baptized THOUGH THEY HAVE ADMITTED THE CHURCH IS TRUE. Gee people. Also we had women´s conference! Which I´m going to be honest, was probably the trunkiest moment of the mission so far. Just imagining being home with you guys. Watching it. In English. With Zupas. Man that was a killer. I could understand most everything, but there is just something different about their REAL voices, not some translator. So anyways conference should be fun! Jk. It´ll be great because I have my whole entire life to watch conference in English and only this time to watch in Spanish (nevertheless please send me all the talks).
Tell Grandma I am reading her autobiography on FamilySearch and it is SO COOL. Like I love it so so so much. Will you give grandma and grandpa a hug from me?
Okay guys. Love you TO DEATH. Have a fabulous week! Enjoy conference with your cinnamon rolls and scones and the prophet’s voice! Whoo because how cool is it that we get to hear from him. Also wow 3 new apostles that´ll be crazy (I am voting for a South American).
Love you.
Hermana Brimley

What an awesome blessed week this was

Hola my cute little family,

Can we just talk about, for a moment, what an awesome blessed week this was. Because wow. I am pretty sure Saturday and Sunday were the “highest of highs” days missionaries always talk about. We had a lot of success. I played the keyboard for Ward Conference. Water is back on.
First, though, let me answer a few questions. It is just a mission rule that we can never dress down. It isn’t too big of a deal because its too hot here to wear pants anyways. And we can still go on hikes and do whatever we want (within reason). Just in skirts. Sometimes, yes I itch from bug bites. I am really good about putting all sorts of sprays on but they still get to me. And I have some really nice (ugly) scars. Shoot. I have not gotten the package. But there are cambios today, which means people will be coming from Guayaquil and lets just cross our fingers that my package is there and they bring it. I talked to a girl and she said never use Fed Ex. Yes, we have zone conferences every week and district meetings every week as well. We just make goals and do practicas and stuff. We have 5 people in our district and our district leader is like the nicest guy in the world. The whole thing I would say I NEED is peanut butter. It is much hotter and much more humid than Cancun.
(notice the delicious delicious polaca in my hands. It is like caramel cream heaven from columbia. Oh my gosh. SO good.)


(a delicious shrimp and pescado meal)

Okay hello! I am trying to think of why this week was so awesome and there aren’t a lot of truly specific things but it was just happy. My Spanish is improving so much and that really helps. Also we have like 8 people set to be baptized in the next…two weeks I believe. They are all really really cool. Oh! Story. So you remember our investigator Silvia? She was set to have her baby last Monday. Well she had her baby (she let me name it– Ashley Isabell) but unfortunately there was a membrane blocking the baby’s throat and she couldn’t eat. So Silvia had to go to Guayaquil to get this operation done (and she has zero money because she is 25 and has five kids (she had her first child at 12 years old)). So the AMAZING ward I am in paid for it and our Mamita is taking care of her kids. BUT the whole thing should have only taken 2 days and it has been a week. I seriously think she is just leaving her kids and not coming back. We have tried calling her, but she won’t answer her phone. Horrible. Man I hope she comes back. Pray for that one.
Our other investigators are much more solid.
One of them, Fernanda is teaching me how to Latin dance. Wow it is hard. Like I have never sweat through all of my clothes before. But after 20 minutes of “dancing” (I put it in quotes because I don’t think I can rightfully call what I do dancing) I was a total mess. But they were very proud about how I can move my hips. Lol.
It sounds like you guys are crazy busy and having a lovely time. Guys I love you so much! You are darn wonderful. The other day so of the ward members were having me sing and rap in English (which lol like I can even sing/rap) but I was just reminded of like that one day during Thanksgiving break when we went hard core and danced and sang. Full animos for when we can do that again.
OKay love you guys! Be safe and happy and eat lots of delicious American food for me and I will eat lots of rice and fish for you guys!
Love, Hermana Brimley

Fill up buckets to shower with


I have heard much that my letters are not long enough (I don’t want to bore you guys!). But I will work on that. Nicole: I think that your feet are made of glass. Nate: Calm down with the girls, you have a mission to go on! Shelby: HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
So this week was cool. Well…actually it was pretty boring. But let me tell you a little about my investigators. Silvia: She is 26 years old and has two kids…actually right about now she should have 3 kids (she is giving birth today). She lives in this tiny little hut thing down by a river and her spouse left her a few months ago. She is interested in the gospel but also I think she is interested in having friends and people to help her. So yesterday we went to her “house” and played with her kids and did her laundry and stuff. Antony and his hermanas: These kids are like 12 years old and really cool. They like to speak English with me. Its fun because their dad isn’t at all interested in the gospel but they love reading the book of mormon and stuff. Gena: love her. She is my favorite investigator. Probably because she speaks English and always gives me cookies. But she really is worried about getting baptized and is taking her time to decide. Which is probably good, because we don’t want to rush her into something she isn’t ready to do, but also JUST HAVE SOME FAITH GENA. No matter. All the these investigators are set to be baptized on October 10th I believe.
So this week was FABULOUS (sarcastic) because our water is turned off for who knows why. So every morning we have to go down to this sort of well thing and fill up buckets to shower with. Unfortunately, this morning the well was empty. So pretty much our apartment is disgusting because we cant wash dishes or flush the toilet. Which is WONDERFUL (more sarcasm) because I am totally sick. Like my body is trying to get rid of something right now. So today has been a hoot.
Questions: My spanish is alright. I can understand pretty well and generally say what I want, just in a pretty round about way. But esta bien. My companions are great and patient and Hermana Nunez is learning English so that has been fun. Yeah I have bites from mosquitoes all the time. I spray myself so much but, yeah, lots of bites. The cockroaches are gross and stuff but they don’t hurt you so we aren’t too worried about that. Haha ecuador.
Okay love you guys! Was this letter long enough? Have fun with Jack and Lizzie. Give them lots of love from me.
Love, Hermana Brimley

I am a regular Latina now

Hola familia!

It sounds like everyone had a very full week. I am glad you had fun in New York, parents! Sorry dad that you are so tired from all your events´–that must be hard. I am very jealous of you guys, I want to go to New York! But now you can get back to work with Jack and Lizzie. Lol.
Questions: No I haven´t got my package yet. Very sad because I really want it. Trip to Guayaquil was alright. Kind of annoying, but also it is kind of nice to take a breather and just ride in a bus for 3 hours. And they were playing this action movie which all the missionaries tried not to watch, but by the end of it no one was even pretending not to look at the screen. But it was funny driving to Ecuador because for literally 3 hours all there was outside was banana fields, so you are welcome for all your delicious bananas (just kidding you havent had a delicious banana until you have had one in Ecuador). As for Holly, yes we still work with her but not on a daily basis. I eat at the same members house every day (our Mamita–I will send a picture) and another lady´s house on Sundays. I cook breakfast and sometimes we will have something like crackers at night. So no i do not cook. We dont even have an oven.
So this week. I had my second baptism! Whoo! Artudo. He´s cool. Probably one of my favorite moments of the baptism was when Artudo was bearing his testimony after the baptism and his phone rang and he answered it when he was up talking to everyone. Haha. Shoot. But seriously, he is great. Other things, I am still in a trio, but now I have two Latina companions so it is all Spanish ALL the time. Good stuff. I am learning and stuff but also I have a headache every night so that is fun. My new companion is exactly how I would expect a Latina to be. She loves to Salsa with me every night and wears bright red lipstick and eats a lot. But she is nice and gives me lots of love…
Oh, if you were wondering, the mother dog had her babies. And she ate them. It was pretty devastating to watch, to be honest. I dont know what is wrong with that dog.
Okay well haha I think that is about it. Oh actually funny thing is that I put my hair in french braids last night so this morning my hair has been curly and literally like 15 people have called me Shakira. Lol. I am a regular Latina now.
Okay, love you guys! Have a fabulous week! The church is true and the gift of tongues is real and thank you for all your prayers. I love you!
Love, Hermana Brimley

My first baptism!

What a week! It was fun and also hard but I guess that is just the mission life, ya know? Sounds like you guys are having fun starting your classes and also in New York. Mom- you will be fine! Just be safe and dont let too many guys catcall at you.
Okay questions: I am in a trio because I dont know! Hermana Bradley´s companion went home and they just put us in a trio. But we literally just got a call and our trio is being split up:( Very sad. Also kind of annoying because cambios are weird here and they just happen whenever. So we just got this call, right, and now we have to be in a bus to Guayaquil in 4 hours (Guayaquil is 3 hours away). So yeah. Yes I feel safe all the time that I am not doing something stupid. Like you just dont walk certain places or talk to certain people and it is fine. No i dont have a calling besides being a missionary, but that is plenty for me haha. I wish I got to play the piano, but alas, they dont have them here. Daily schedule: Get up, exercise, shower and eat breakfast, personal study, companion study, and then lessons all day long except for the hour for lunch (these people are crazy here and dont take an hour for dinner).
So this week was cool because whoo I had my first baptism! Her name is Holly (pronounced Holy) and she is black and great. I´ll be honest I didnt participate EXTENSIVELY in the lessons but I will say that I found her. It was actually cool. Because one day we were just walking around talking to everyone and my companion was testing how “in tune with the spirit” I was, so at every corner she´d be like “where do we go now. Let the spirit guide you.” And it did. Because we got to a corner and I could not figure out where to go next. Like I literally couldnt say anything (which is somewhat normal for me in Spanish but was weird in this moment). Anyways, we stood there for a few minutes, unable to decide where to go, when up walks Holly! And she hugged me and kissed me and told me she had been looking for me! Anyways it´s pretty cool. Love her. I will send a picture.
Crazy things this week:1. so we were teaching this guy and we were by this like pond thing at night when all of the sudden like tons of bats started swarming. Me and Hermana Bradley were like what in the world but no one else seemed to notice. 2. there is this one dog that lives outside of our house that keeps eating her babies. It has happened 3 times and she is pregnant again so we will see how this goes. 3. I ate fish for the first time! It was okay. No that is a lie. It was horrifying. But only because, oh heavens, I can hardly think about it. It was in this dish of verde (which is like a plantain that hasnt ripened) and they boil it and blend it and then they put a fish in the blender with it and oh my gosh I thought I was going to die. I seriously dont think I have ever prayed so hard to survive something.
Other things…lately I have been waking up like 20 minutes early so I can run in the morning and wow that really has been testing my willpower. You all should try running in place for twenty minutes with no music because wow. Spanish is nothing compared to this. But I always think of Shelby who never missed a day of exercise and Nicole who is like a crazy psycho exerciser and I push through.
Anyway, you guys are the best! Have a fabulous week. Enjoy school and work and New York and all other things. I love you guys!
Love, Hermana Brimley

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