What a week! It was fun and also hard but I guess that is just the mission life, ya know? Sounds like you guys are having fun starting your classes and also in New York. Mom- you will be fine! Just be safe and dont let too many guys catcall at you.
Okay questions: I am in a trio because I dont know! Hermana Bradley´s companion went home and they just put us in a trio. But we literally just got a call and our trio is being split up:( Very sad. Also kind of annoying because cambios are weird here and they just happen whenever. So we just got this call, right, and now we have to be in a bus to Guayaquil in 4 hours (Guayaquil is 3 hours away). So yeah. Yes I feel safe all the time that I am not doing something stupid. Like you just dont walk certain places or talk to certain people and it is fine. No i dont have a calling besides being a missionary, but that is plenty for me haha. I wish I got to play the piano, but alas, they dont have them here. Daily schedule: Get up, exercise, shower and eat breakfast, personal study, companion study, and then lessons all day long except for the hour for lunch (these people are crazy here and dont take an hour for dinner).
So this week was cool because whoo I had my first baptism! Her name is Holly (pronounced Holy) and she is black and great. I´ll be honest I didnt participate EXTENSIVELY in the lessons but I will say that I found her. It was actually cool. Because one day we were just walking around talking to everyone and my companion was testing how “in tune with the spirit” I was, so at every corner she´d be like “where do we go now. Let the spirit guide you.” And it did. Because we got to a corner and I could not figure out where to go next. Like I literally couldnt say anything (which is somewhat normal for me in Spanish but was weird in this moment). Anyways, we stood there for a few minutes, unable to decide where to go, when up walks Holly! And she hugged me and kissed me and told me she had been looking for me! Anyways it´s pretty cool. Love her. I will send a picture.
Crazy things this week:1. so we were teaching this guy and we were by this like pond thing at night when all of the sudden like tons of bats started swarming. Me and Hermana Bradley were like what in the world but no one else seemed to notice. 2. there is this one dog that lives outside of our house that keeps eating her babies. It has happened 3 times and she is pregnant again so we will see how this goes. 3. I ate fish for the first time! It was okay. No that is a lie. It was horrifying. But only because, oh heavens, I can hardly think about it. It was in this dish of verde (which is like a plantain that hasnt ripened) and they boil it and blend it and then they put a fish in the blender with it and oh my gosh I thought I was going to die. I seriously dont think I have ever prayed so hard to survive something.
Other things…lately I have been waking up like 20 minutes early so I can run in the morning and wow that really has been testing my willpower. You all should try running in place for twenty minutes with no music because wow. Spanish is nothing compared to this. But I always think of Shelby who never missed a day of exercise and Nicole who is like a crazy psycho exerciser and I push through.
Anyway, you guys are the best! Have a fabulous week. Enjoy school and work and New York and all other things. I love you guys!
Love, Hermana Brimley