Hola familia!

It sounds like everyone had a very full week. I am glad you had fun in New York, parents! Sorry dad that you are so tired from all your events´–that must be hard. I am very jealous of you guys, I want to go to New York! But now you can get back to work with Jack and Lizzie. Lol.
Questions: No I haven´t got my package yet. Very sad because I really want it. Trip to Guayaquil was alright. Kind of annoying, but also it is kind of nice to take a breather and just ride in a bus for 3 hours. And they were playing this action movie which all the missionaries tried not to watch, but by the end of it no one was even pretending not to look at the screen. But it was funny driving to Ecuador because for literally 3 hours all there was outside was banana fields, so you are welcome for all your delicious bananas (just kidding you havent had a delicious banana until you have had one in Ecuador). As for Holly, yes we still work with her but not on a daily basis. I eat at the same members house every day (our Mamita–I will send a picture) and another lady´s house on Sundays. I cook breakfast and sometimes we will have something like crackers at night. So no i do not cook. We dont even have an oven.
So this week. I had my second baptism! Whoo! Artudo. He´s cool. Probably one of my favorite moments of the baptism was when Artudo was bearing his testimony after the baptism and his phone rang and he answered it when he was up talking to everyone. Haha. Shoot. But seriously, he is great. Other things, I am still in a trio, but now I have two Latina companions so it is all Spanish ALL the time. Good stuff. I am learning and stuff but also I have a headache every night so that is fun. My new companion is exactly how I would expect a Latina to be. She loves to Salsa with me every night and wears bright red lipstick and eats a lot. But she is nice and gives me lots of love…
Oh, if you were wondering, the mother dog had her babies. And she ate them. It was pretty devastating to watch, to be honest. I dont know what is wrong with that dog.
Okay well haha I think that is about it. Oh actually funny thing is that I put my hair in french braids last night so this morning my hair has been curly and literally like 15 people have called me Shakira. Lol. I am a regular Latina now.
Okay, love you guys! Have a fabulous week! The church is true and the gift of tongues is real and thank you for all your prayers. I love you!
Love, Hermana Brimley