I have heard much that my letters are not long enough (I don’t want to bore you guys!). But I will work on that. Nicole: I think that your feet are made of glass. Nate: Calm down with the girls, you have a mission to go on! Shelby: HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
So this week was cool. Well…actually it was pretty boring. But let me tell you a little about my investigators. Silvia: She is 26 years old and has two kids…actually right about now she should have 3 kids (she is giving birth today). She lives in this tiny little hut thing down by a river and her spouse left her a few months ago. She is interested in the gospel but also I think she is interested in having friends and people to help her. So yesterday we went to her “house” and played with her kids and did her laundry and stuff. Antony and his hermanas: These kids are like 12 years old and really cool. They like to speak English with me. Its fun because their dad isn’t at all interested in the gospel but they love reading the book of mormon and stuff. Gena: love her. She is my favorite investigator. Probably because she speaks English and always gives me cookies. But she really is worried about getting baptized and is taking her time to decide. Which is probably good, because we don’t want to rush her into something she isn’t ready to do, but also JUST HAVE SOME FAITH GENA. No matter. All the these investigators are set to be baptized on October 10th I believe.
So this week was FABULOUS (sarcastic) because our water is turned off for who knows why. So every morning we have to go down to this sort of well thing and fill up buckets to shower with. Unfortunately, this morning the well was empty. So pretty much our apartment is disgusting because we cant wash dishes or flush the toilet. Which is WONDERFUL (more sarcasm) because I am totally sick. Like my body is trying to get rid of something right now. So today has been a hoot.
Questions: My spanish is alright. I can understand pretty well and generally say what I want, just in a pretty round about way. But esta bien. My companions are great and patient and Hermana Nunez is learning English so that has been fun. Yeah I have bites from mosquitoes all the time. I spray myself so much but, yeah, lots of bites. The cockroaches are gross and stuff but they don’t hurt you so we aren’t too worried about that. Haha ecuador.
Okay love you guys! Was this letter long enough? Have fun with Jack and Lizzie. Give them lots of love from me.
Love, Hermana Brimley