Hola my cute little family,

Can we just talk about, for a moment, what an awesome blessed week this was. Because wow. I am pretty sure Saturday and Sunday were the “highest of highs” days missionaries always talk about. We had a lot of success. I played the keyboard for Ward Conference. Water is back on.
First, though, let me answer a few questions. It is just a mission rule that we can never dress down. It isn’t too big of a deal because its too hot here to wear pants anyways. And we can still go on hikes and do whatever we want (within reason). Just in skirts. Sometimes, yes I itch from bug bites. I am really good about putting all sorts of sprays on but they still get to me. And I have some really nice (ugly) scars. Shoot. I have not gotten the package. But there are cambios today, which means people will be coming from Guayaquil and lets just cross our fingers that my package is there and they bring it. I talked to a girl and she said never use Fed Ex. Yes, we have zone conferences every week and district meetings every week as well. We just make goals and do practicas and stuff. We have 5 people in our district and our district leader is like the nicest guy in the world. The whole thing I would say I NEED is peanut butter. It is much hotter and much more humid than Cancun.
(notice the delicious delicious polaca in my hands. It is like caramel cream heaven from columbia. Oh my gosh. SO good.)


(a delicious shrimp and pescado meal)

Okay hello! I am trying to think of why this week was so awesome and there aren’t a lot of truly specific things but it was just happy. My Spanish is improving so much and that really helps. Also we have like 8 people set to be baptized in the next…two weeks I believe. They are all really really cool. Oh! Story. So you remember our investigator Silvia? She was set to have her baby last Monday. Well she had her baby (she let me name it– Ashley Isabell) but unfortunately there was a membrane blocking the baby’s throat and she couldn’t eat. So Silvia had to go to Guayaquil to get this operation done (and she has zero money because she is 25 and has five kids (she had her first child at 12 years old)). So the AMAZING ward I am in paid for it and our Mamita is taking care of her kids. BUT the whole thing should have only taken 2 days and it has been a week. I seriously think she is just leaving her kids and not coming back. We have tried calling her, but she won’t answer her phone. Horrible. Man I hope she comes back. Pray for that one.
Our other investigators are much more solid.
One of them, Fernanda is teaching me how to Latin dance. Wow it is hard. Like I have never sweat through all of my clothes before. But after 20 minutes of “dancing” (I put it in quotes because I don’t think I can rightfully call what I do dancing) I was a total mess. But they were very proud about how I can move my hips. Lol.
It sounds like you guys are crazy busy and having a lovely time. Guys I love you so much! You are darn wonderful. The other day so of the ward members were having me sing and rap in English (which lol like I can even sing/rap) but I was just reminded of like that one day during Thanksgiving break when we went hard core and danced and sang. Full animos for when we can do that again.
OKay love you guys! Be safe and happy and eat lots of delicious American food for me and I will eat lots of rice and fish for you guys!
Love, Hermana Brimley