Hola Family!

How are we all? Sounds like everyone is busy living their lives in the crazy U.S. of A. Nate: bien hecho with your lacrosse and with your many fans. Anna! Good job on your math test, that´s amazing!
So let me answer some questions..
Silvia is not home yet and yeah pretty much that situation is so sad. She is in Guaquil. Her baby had the operation and is fine but she won’t say when she is coming back and really doesn’t answer our calls. Our mamita has the kids and she is pretty much an angel for doing this. I do get to watch conference on Saturday and Sunday, though I think it is delayed 1 hour because…it´s in Spanish…
Yes, most people are “Catholic” but that pretty much means that they don’t go to church but love Jesus. We find investigators mostly through references. Occasionally tracking. In our mission we have to invite 8 people every day to be baptized so sometimes we get investigators from that, but most of the time it is just a good way to practice Spanish. Some people have computers and TVs and yeah some people see movies from America and stuff. My favorite is when we will go to like these horrible houses that don’t have roofs and they can’t afford to eat anything but rice but then they have a Smartphone or something.
So this week. What happened…oh yeah Monday we had cambios:( So Hermana Perez is in Guayaquil (a lot of times that is where they send the sick people, so they can be close to the President–did I mention Hermana Perez was sick a lot? (It was because her cholesterol was like out of control high)). Anyways we had to go to Guayaquil in the middle of the night, but it´s okay because we got back just in time to go to work. Always fun! But this week was busy because we have a lot of fechas. To answer your question mom: we teach them Lesson 1, 2, 3, and Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom, and pregunta 4 (have you ever had an abortion, killed anyone, been in prison, been in a homosexual relationship (like the big sins)).
Saturday we baptized Gustavo. He is 14 and his mom was really excited about his baptism and the service was great because his family is so happy he is doing this, even though none of them will get baptized THOUGH THEY HAVE ADMITTED THE CHURCH IS TRUE. Gee people. Also we had women´s conference! Which I´m going to be honest, was probably the trunkiest moment of the mission so far. Just imagining being home with you guys. Watching it. In English. With Zupas. Man that was a killer. I could understand most everything, but there is just something different about their REAL voices, not some translator. So anyways conference should be fun! Jk. It´ll be great because I have my whole entire life to watch conference in English and only this time to watch in Spanish (nevertheless please send me all the talks).
Tell Grandma I am reading her autobiography on FamilySearch and it is SO COOL. Like I love it so so so much. Will you give grandma and grandpa a hug from me?
Okay guys. Love you TO DEATH. Have a fabulous week! Enjoy conference with your cinnamon rolls and scones and the prophet’s voice! Whoo because how cool is it that we get to hear from him. Also wow 3 new apostles that´ll be crazy (I am voting for a South American).
Love you.
Hermana Brimley