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October 2015

My hair is one step down from being an afro


Wow what a week for you all! Lizzie, happy birthday little baby. Nothing is more disappointing than the fact that she doesn’t know me but ya mismo. I´m still dying that Jack does remember me because we were really good friends. Nate: congrats on killing it on lacrosse and with AP U.S.. Ali: my heavens that is awesome about your interviews with the church magazines.(She did get hired at the Church) Derek: Have fun in San Fran with your interviews/wow working for Microsoft would be super super awesome.

This week I really can’t describe in detail any lessons that we had because we really didn’t have any. Very disappointing but it is okay because this week we have got BIG PLANS. I will tell you all about them next week. And just a little about them right now.


I love my companion but because of her knee injury we aren’t able to go out as much as we want. Because we can’t go out too much contacting, we are working with planning activities and inviting people and getting referencias there. That is way more fun anyways. And since this week is Halloween (not really anything here) and Dia de los Muertos (a big thing here) we have plans for a juice and bread activity. It´s like tradition here to drink this one delicious drink and eat pan in the shape of people. I don’t really understand it, but whatevs.

My mission expects a whole lot out of us. Which is good! Like we have to invite 8 people to be baptized every day, and when we do that we pretty much have the promise that 2 people will accept. How often do we actually do that, though? Not that often. So Presidente is just really pushing us on using the PROVEN techniques that we have.


I sometimes use my flat iron but somehow my hair ends up looking worse when I do do that. It is just so humid here that I am not kidding sometimes my hair is one step down from being an afro. I´ll take a picture. Whenever I leave my hair like that people like to call my Shakira and I am like lol maybe if you stopped feeding me rice. But that’s okay. Happy here, skinny at home.

There is like one “supermarket” in our sector but it more like the size of….Harts (the gas station) by our house. But it works. Yeah I don’t know what to do about packages either. My zone leader is like super super sick and is in Guayaquil so I am kind of hoping for a miracle that 1. He gets better and 2. When he gets better he returns to machala with 2 packages. Pray for that.

Lets see other things this week…I tried crab. We watched “Meet the Mormons” like six times. Still good. And kind of fun to watch in different languages. Kind of. We went to Guayaquil and had KFC WHOOO. SO..yeah. Hopefully this week we can work a bit more. We shall see.


Okay family love you. Happy Halloween! Enjoy your murder mystery party without me. ANd your delicious American candy.

Love, Hermana Brimley


My new companion is awesome

Hola family!

How is everyone? I hope you are all super SUPER awesome. From your letters, it sounds like you are.

This week has been interesting…in a sort of boring way. So we had cambios, right? Man that was pretty sad. Losing my madre/my crutch. Cambios are weird here because they happen everyday. You just get a phone call that says pack your bags and you need to be in your new area in like 2 hours. Or something like that. I think it is so we don’t waste time with goodbyes and stuff. So yeah, transfers generally happen more in a bus terminal.

But my new companion is awesome. She is called Hermana Peralta and she is from mexico. She is really REALLY positive and helps me a ton. The interesting thing is that she has got like these crazy horrible knee problems (like everyone here has knee problems) and so we can only work for a maximum of 3 hours a day. But normally it is more like 2 or we have a day like yesterday where we didn’t work at all. I sort of feel like a bad missionary because I am pretty much sitting around a lot of the time but like…what can I do. I think this might be a time for me to grow in patience and obedience and stuff but I am not sure.

My mission president came to Machala this week! We had a meeting with 2 other zones. It was the first time I have seen Presidente since I got here. It was actually pretty stressful. It was kind of a harsh conference, to be honest. He was like “It doesn’t matter that we are leading the world in baptisms because you are not reaching your potential. You are failing.” So anyways time to get to work (for 3 hours a day).

Yes there are some missionaries from around home. I actually am pretty sure my district leader is dad’s friend’s son. Elder Humble? (Yes, Jeff Humble’s son is her district leader.) He just got back from the Galapagos. He is fun. Yes, the Elders call every night to collect numbers and see if we need anything. Sometimes if they are nice they bring a pan and polaca WHOOOO. Seriously guys, polaca is the best thing ever. Sometimes, I want to cry when I drink it because it is so good. That is pretty shameful but there you have it. It is from Colombia.

As far as the actual work goes…yeah we are struggling. We went from leading the mission to yeah one fecha. So we are just trying to contact and get more. I am pretty confident that we can get 3 by the end of this week but it is pretty tough when I cant leave the house a lot of the time. That is okay. I am learning other things. Like for example: Meet the Mormons and the Best Two Years are probably the best movies in the world. And the book of Mormon in Spanish RULES and making brownies is hard here in Ecuador but tacos cooked by an actual Mexican are delicious.

SO there you have it. Was this detailed enough? I feel like I am just going on and on with dumb information. But if there is anything else you want to know go ahead and ask. Okay I love you guys! Have a great safe and healthy and happy and VERY AMERICAN week.

Love, Hermana Brimley

Machala is generally Catholic and really really friendly


How are you all?

Questions: Yes, Taylor told me she got her mission call OH MY GOSH THAT IS SO COOL CONGRATULATIONS. New York would be soo cool and interesting. No. No package. But once again, anticipation is really really fun as well. I get emails from friends on missions (Sydni, Hayden, Ashley, Lorin, soon to be Taylor). And people in my district from the CCM. And then the occasional other person. (Our family is trying to come up with a Brimley motto) Motto: Brimleys have almost gone to almost every continent on their missions, so….I don’t know. We are cool. We rule. And we always have fun in the (groesbeck´s) pool. Yes we walk and take taxi´s and busses. Just depends on how packed our day is.

So this week. Wow I cant remember this week at all. We really are just cleaning our program because we have been teaching this family of kids and they aren’t really progressing (also they always play with my hair and oh my gosh it makes me want to die), (Alex was taught that when kids play with your hair you can get lice.) so we are dropping them. So anyways, this week has been a lot about finding new people. Contacting! Whoo! Sometimes we make it fun, though. Like we played a game of whoever invited the most people to be baptized didn’t have to make dinner. Needless to say in like twenty minutes we invited 20 people to be baptized and Hermana Nuñez´s dinner was delicious.

Also did I already mention that we have cambios (transfers)? Que triste, I know. I am staying here in Machala and Hermana Nunez is leaving. We have been together for 10 weeks. So kind of the pressure is on because I have to remember everything and pretend that I know spanish and all that kind of stuff. I am both praying that my next companion is Latina and also that she is gringa because I need to learn spanish but I really want to speak in English for just a little bit. So anyways, we are off to Guayaquil AGAIN in like 2 hours.

A few things about Ecuador, since people have been asking. Some places are incredibly incredibly poor. Like no power and dirt floors. But then there are pretty nice places as well, here. Just depends I guess. The people here are generally Catholic and here in Machala really really friendly. I am incredibly tall here. Which is interesting because it is pretty different. It´s humid and hot all the time and there are pretty much always bugs crawling on me but they are really really tiny so it´s not that bad. But here we have lots of Americanized things as well, like movies and music and food. Hmmm like Oreos. So delicious. The milk here is way better. Just fyi.

So anyways I think that was pretty scattered and stuff so sorry! This week has been kind of weird because we have been a little sick. I remember dad´s friend telling me before I left that the Elders in her mission would line their pants with plastic baggies so they wouldn’t have to stop working when they were sick. And I remember being like wow I am going to totally be that dedicated! But to be honest, at this point, that doesn’t sound too appealing. Haha who would have thought? My body is just still adapting to the food here.

I’ve got to go, but I love you guys so much. Have a lovely week, and you guys are in my prayers, and are the best family ever.

Okay love you guys! Have a great week!!! Repent and pray and do all things good because seriously you will be happier because of it. I swear it is true.

Love you.
Hermana Brimley

Keep the commandments and repent!

Hola Familia!

Happy P-day! It sounds like you guys had a fun conference weekend. Thai food and Blue Lemon and cinnamon rolls. It´s like you are trying to kill me. Just kidding! Conference was great though, wasn´t it? I did in fact understand some of it. Though yes I think I missed a good portion. Especially of the Saturday afternoon session because we had kid investigators with us. And…well they were pretty distracted. And it´s like super hard for me to understand Spanish if I am not like totally focused. But did anyone else notice how President Monson was just slipping lower and lower with every moment of his talk? That was so sad.

But here is a big part of what a got out of conference: Keep the commandments and repent frequently and we will be happy! It´s funny because these are two pretty simple guidelines, and with the promise that our lives will be better, you´d think it would be easier to follow. But, alas, it is difficult. But I am definitley going to try and repent more. Have you guys have heard the story of one of the prophets who called in an apostle to give him a priesthood blessing because he had an unkind thought? I think about that all the time.

So this week we had one baptism. His name is Antony and he is 12 years old. He is a good kid. When we were going through the baptismal interview questions, it was funny because he really struggled to answer the last one– will you endure to the end? He was like “I dont know what is going to happen in my life, how can I answer that question honestly!” It´s funny because he´s 12 years old and he was really really worried about that. Like lots of adults dont really realize the significance of that question, but he really seemed to. We assured him that this question meant that he would try his best to keep the commandments and follow Christ. He was still nervous. But his baptism was really sweet.

Oh Silvia came back! It´s only been a MONTH. But that was great. She is…interesting. I am not sure what we are going to do with her. She really wouldnt say what she was doing for so long in Guayaquil, but her baby is okay, and she is back with her other kids, so that is all that really matters.

Right now we are cleaning our program. Kind of starting fresh. I think that that is something unique to this mission. When an investigator doesnt come to church once or twice, you drop them. In other missions, from what I have heard and seen, you work and work with people but here we are constantly dropping people. I guess both have there pros and cons.

Alrighty questions: Yes I am getting the talks you send me, mom. THANK YOU. I print them out, along with your guys´ letters. No package. Gosh dang. At baptisms sometimes I give a message or testimony or lead the music. I teach part of the lesson always. Definitely sit quietly for most of it. But little by little I am talking and teaching more. Yes it is very difficult to sit and listen to Spanish that long. I have never appreciated the (english) music more than this conference. Also did anyone else notice the plants in the background for this conference? Very lovely. No my mission doesnt do facebook. But there is a facebook page I think you can go look at! Guayaquil Sur or South or something along those lines.

Okay love you guys! Keep the commandments and repent! Say your prayers and do the simple things and I know you will be more happy. Have a wonderful week every one. Love you.

Love, Hermana Brimley

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