Hola Familia!

Happy P-day! It sounds like you guys had a fun conference weekend. Thai food and Blue Lemon and cinnamon rolls. It´s like you are trying to kill me. Just kidding! Conference was great though, wasn´t it? I did in fact understand some of it. Though yes I think I missed a good portion. Especially of the Saturday afternoon session because we had kid investigators with us. And…well they were pretty distracted. And it´s like super hard for me to understand Spanish if I am not like totally focused. But did anyone else notice how President Monson was just slipping lower and lower with every moment of his talk? That was so sad.

But here is a big part of what a got out of conference: Keep the commandments and repent frequently and we will be happy! It´s funny because these are two pretty simple guidelines, and with the promise that our lives will be better, you´d think it would be easier to follow. But, alas, it is difficult. But I am definitley going to try and repent more. Have you guys have heard the story of one of the prophets who called in an apostle to give him a priesthood blessing because he had an unkind thought? I think about that all the time.

So this week we had one baptism. His name is Antony and he is 12 years old. He is a good kid. When we were going through the baptismal interview questions, it was funny because he really struggled to answer the last one– will you endure to the end? He was like “I dont know what is going to happen in my life, how can I answer that question honestly!” It´s funny because he´s 12 years old and he was really really worried about that. Like lots of adults dont really realize the significance of that question, but he really seemed to. We assured him that this question meant that he would try his best to keep the commandments and follow Christ. He was still nervous. But his baptism was really sweet.

Oh Silvia came back! It´s only been a MONTH. But that was great. She is…interesting. I am not sure what we are going to do with her. She really wouldnt say what she was doing for so long in Guayaquil, but her baby is okay, and she is back with her other kids, so that is all that really matters.

Right now we are cleaning our program. Kind of starting fresh. I think that that is something unique to this mission. When an investigator doesnt come to church once or twice, you drop them. In other missions, from what I have heard and seen, you work and work with people but here we are constantly dropping people. I guess both have there pros and cons.

Alrighty questions: Yes I am getting the talks you send me, mom. THANK YOU. I print them out, along with your guys´ letters. No package. Gosh dang. At baptisms sometimes I give a message or testimony or lead the music. I teach part of the lesson always. Definitely sit quietly for most of it. But little by little I am talking and teaching more. Yes it is very difficult to sit and listen to Spanish that long. I have never appreciated the (english) music more than this conference. Also did anyone else notice the plants in the background for this conference? Very lovely. No my mission doesnt do facebook. But there is a facebook page I think you can go look at! Guayaquil Sur or South or something along those lines.

Okay love you guys! Keep the commandments and repent! Say your prayers and do the simple things and I know you will be more happy. Have a wonderful week every one. Love you.

Love, Hermana Brimley