How are you all?

Questions: Yes, Taylor told me she got her mission call OH MY GOSH THAT IS SO COOL CONGRATULATIONS. New York would be soo cool and interesting. No. No package. But once again, anticipation is really really fun as well. I get emails from friends on missions (Sydni, Hayden, Ashley, Lorin, soon to be Taylor). And people in my district from the CCM. And then the occasional other person. (Our family is trying to come up with a Brimley motto) Motto: Brimleys have almost gone to almost every continent on their missions, so….I don’t know. We are cool. We rule. And we always have fun in the (groesbeck´s) pool. Yes we walk and take taxi´s and busses. Just depends on how packed our day is.

So this week. Wow I cant remember this week at all. We really are just cleaning our program because we have been teaching this family of kids and they aren’t really progressing (also they always play with my hair and oh my gosh it makes me want to die), (Alex was taught that when kids play with your hair you can get lice.) so we are dropping them. So anyways, this week has been a lot about finding new people. Contacting! Whoo! Sometimes we make it fun, though. Like we played a game of whoever invited the most people to be baptized didn’t have to make dinner. Needless to say in like twenty minutes we invited 20 people to be baptized and Hermana Nuñez´s dinner was delicious.

Also did I already mention that we have cambios (transfers)? Que triste, I know. I am staying here in Machala and Hermana Nunez is leaving. We have been together for 10 weeks. So kind of the pressure is on because I have to remember everything and pretend that I know spanish and all that kind of stuff. I am both praying that my next companion is Latina and also that she is gringa because I need to learn spanish but I really want to speak in English for just a little bit. So anyways, we are off to Guayaquil AGAIN in like 2 hours.

A few things about Ecuador, since people have been asking. Some places are incredibly incredibly poor. Like no power and dirt floors. But then there are pretty nice places as well, here. Just depends I guess. The people here are generally Catholic and here in Machala really really friendly. I am incredibly tall here. Which is interesting because it is pretty different. It´s humid and hot all the time and there are pretty much always bugs crawling on me but they are really really tiny so it´s not that bad. But here we have lots of Americanized things as well, like movies and music and food. Hmmm like Oreos. So delicious. The milk here is way better. Just fyi.

So anyways I think that was pretty scattered and stuff so sorry! This week has been kind of weird because we have been a little sick. I remember dad´s friend telling me before I left that the Elders in her mission would line their pants with plastic baggies so they wouldn’t have to stop working when they were sick. And I remember being like wow I am going to totally be that dedicated! But to be honest, at this point, that doesn’t sound too appealing. Haha who would have thought? My body is just still adapting to the food here.

I’ve got to go, but I love you guys so much. Have a lovely week, and you guys are in my prayers, and are the best family ever.

Okay love you guys! Have a great week!!! Repent and pray and do all things good because seriously you will be happier because of it. I swear it is true.

Love you.
Hermana Brimley