Hola family!

How is everyone? I hope you are all super SUPER awesome. From your letters, it sounds like you are.

This week has been interesting…in a sort of boring way. So we had cambios, right? Man that was pretty sad. Losing my madre/my crutch. Cambios are weird here because they happen everyday. You just get a phone call that says pack your bags and you need to be in your new area in like 2 hours. Or something like that. I think it is so we don’t waste time with goodbyes and stuff. So yeah, transfers generally happen more in a bus terminal.

But my new companion is awesome. She is called Hermana Peralta and she is from mexico. She is really REALLY positive and helps me a ton. The interesting thing is that she has got like these crazy horrible knee problems (like everyone here has knee problems) and so we can only work for a maximum of 3 hours a day. But normally it is more like 2 or we have a day like yesterday where we didn’t work at all. I sort of feel like a bad missionary because I am pretty much sitting around a lot of the time but like…what can I do. I think this might be a time for me to grow in patience and obedience and stuff but I am not sure.

My mission president came to Machala this week! We had a meeting with 2 other zones. It was the first time I have seen Presidente since I got here. It was actually pretty stressful. It was kind of a harsh conference, to be honest. He was like “It doesn’t matter that we are leading the world in baptisms because you are not reaching your potential. You are failing.” So anyways time to get to work (for 3 hours a day).

Yes there are some missionaries from around home. I actually am pretty sure my district leader is dad’s friend’s son. Elder Humble? (Yes, Jeff Humble’s son is her district leader.) He just got back from the Galapagos. He is fun. Yes, the Elders call every night to collect numbers and see if we need anything. Sometimes if they are nice they bring a pan and polaca WHOOOO. Seriously guys, polaca is the best thing ever. Sometimes, I want to cry when I drink it because it is so good. That is pretty shameful but there you have it. It is from Colombia.

As far as the actual work goes…yeah we are struggling. We went from leading the mission to yeah one fecha. So we are just trying to contact and get more. I am pretty confident that we can get 3 by the end of this week but it is pretty tough when I cant leave the house a lot of the time. That is okay. I am learning other things. Like for example: Meet the Mormons and the Best Two Years are probably the best movies in the world. And the book of Mormon in Spanish RULES and making brownies is hard here in Ecuador but tacos cooked by an actual Mexican are delicious.

SO there you have it. Was this detailed enough? I feel like I am just going on and on with dumb information. But if there is anything else you want to know go ahead and ask. Okay I love you guys! Have a great safe and healthy and happy and VERY AMERICAN week.

Love, Hermana Brimley