Wow what a week for you all! Lizzie, happy birthday little baby. Nothing is more disappointing than the fact that she doesn’t know me but ya mismo. I´m still dying that Jack does remember me because we were really good friends. Nate: congrats on killing it on lacrosse and with AP U.S.. Ali: my heavens that is awesome about your interviews with the church magazines.(She did get hired at the Church) Derek: Have fun in San Fran with your interviews/wow working for Microsoft would be super super awesome.

This week I really can’t describe in detail any lessons that we had because we really didn’t have any. Very disappointing but it is okay because this week we have got BIG PLANS. I will tell you all about them next week. And just a little about them right now.


I love my companion but because of her knee injury we aren’t able to go out as much as we want. Because we can’t go out too much contacting, we are working with planning activities and inviting people and getting referencias there. That is way more fun anyways. And since this week is Halloween (not really anything here) and Dia de los Muertos (a big thing here) we have plans for a juice and bread activity. It´s like tradition here to drink this one delicious drink and eat pan in the shape of people. I don’t really understand it, but whatevs.

My mission expects a whole lot out of us. Which is good! Like we have to invite 8 people to be baptized every day, and when we do that we pretty much have the promise that 2 people will accept. How often do we actually do that, though? Not that often. So Presidente is just really pushing us on using the PROVEN techniques that we have.


I sometimes use my flat iron but somehow my hair ends up looking worse when I do do that. It is just so humid here that I am not kidding sometimes my hair is one step down from being an afro. I´ll take a picture. Whenever I leave my hair like that people like to call my Shakira and I am like lol maybe if you stopped feeding me rice. But that’s okay. Happy here, skinny at home.

There is like one “supermarket” in our sector but it more like the size of….Harts (the gas station) by our house. But it works. Yeah I don’t know what to do about packages either. My zone leader is like super super sick and is in Guayaquil so I am kind of hoping for a miracle that 1. He gets better and 2. When he gets better he returns to machala with 2 packages. Pray for that.

Lets see other things this week…I tried crab. We watched “Meet the Mormons” like six times. Still good. And kind of fun to watch in different languages. Kind of. We went to Guayaquil and had KFC WHOOO. SO..yeah. Hopefully this week we can work a bit more. We shall see.


Okay family love you. Happy Halloween! Enjoy your murder mystery party without me. ANd your delicious American candy.

Love, Hermana Brimley