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November 2015

Transferred to Pasaje

Hello Familia!

Sounds like you had a fun week with your delicious sandwiches and dances and parties and stuff. Keep living it up, people.
So the big thing this week was that I got transferred. Like I said, transfers happen like every day in the mission here. We got a call that I needed to pack up all my stuff and be on a bus in 1 hour. So that was stressful but it is all good. Now I am in Pasaje. It is still on the coast, but more in banana fields which is cool but there are so many dang mosquitos. Like I forgot to put on bug spray yesterday and my legs are like bleeding today. So don’t worry I will be much more careful. My companion is named Hermana Oropeza and she is from Argentina and she is cool.
So the first 2 or 3 days that we worked I was like dying because for the last month I have been in casa, not teaching, not walking, not really doing anything. It was kind of a rough start. Especially because we are opening this sector so neither of us know the area or the members or anything. BUT we have worked our booties off this week and we have a solid 6 fechas!! And we had….like 65 lessons which is so good. Like we were squealing when we were adding up our numbers because they were so good. And that sounds really conceded and stuff but really it is all the help of the Lord. My testimony has grown substantially in that exact obedience and hard work brings miracles. For instance:
Yesterday we were walking around in the nightime and it was kind of a long night because…well Sunday night is always kind of “trunky for P day”. But we found this guys and started talking to him and invited him to be baptized (that sounds very forward, but that’s kind of how you do it here). And he was totally interested and he has assisted the church before and he invited us to his house with his wife and kids to have flan and whooo they are going to be baptized in December! They are so cool.
The hard thing about this week is that I have been totally out of practice with teaching and inviting people to be baptized. So at first it was a little awkward in lessons and stuff, but I swear I have never worked harder/been more dedicated to learning this dang language perfectly and teach fluidly and with the spirit. Little by little I am getting better, though which is so so exciting!
Questions: Yes the weather is getting so so hot. So hot. It is like a mix of the humidity in Florida and the heat of Arizona. The dogs here are insane. So many. But that’s why we have backpacks, I guess. My package was awesome and intact! I loved everything especially the candy and the notes.
Okay people. Was this long enough? You guys are never satisfied. But I love you. I love missionary work and I love the gospel. My testimony is growing so much. I know that God has a perfect plan for everyone of us, and if we are obedient to his commandments we can realize that plan. This didn’t quite make sense but I cant quite remember how to bear my testimony in English.
Love you guys.
Hermana Brimley

My Spanish isn’t exactly at “Jesus the Christ level”


Are you guys ready for some big new? No. I dont think you quite are. I will wait for a while in this email to announce it.
What a fun week you guys had! Well…por lo menos (I cannot remember that phrase in english) the smoked ribs sound delicious! Keep that smoker in good condition for my return POR FAVOR. And WOWOWOWOW to the church new rule. We follow in faith, I guess. What else…to be honest, it sounded like your guys´ week wasn’t THE MOST interesting haha.
So things here are still pretty slow. My companion’s knee problems are for sure a chronic thing, so its not just that we need to take it easy for a day or two and then get back to work. But, we are lucky to have 3 people with baptismal dates! One girl is a PF (part of the family) and she loves us so its fun to teach. We asked her what she liked to eat and she was like “if it is food, I will eat it.” So anyways feel free to pray for her (Camila). And also Milene. She is an eternal investigator. She has been investigating the church consistently for a year, but didnt have the money to get married, so she couldnt get baptized. But she has been working and working and now she has money so yayayyayaya! Anyways, everyday we teach them because they are the most important, and then we see how swollen and black my companion´s knee is and go from there. Kind of blows. BUT I am like half way through Jesus the Christ and man it is soo cool. But my President told me I need to start reading it in Spanish because right now I can express and speak spanish but my Spanish isnt exactly at “Jesus the Christ level”. So I am going to try and get there.
So since we are in the house a lot we have made friends with this dog that lives next to us. He was so mean and bit us and was the worst but we bought food for him and now he loves us and Hermana Peralta always tries to let him in the house but I am not letting that happen. We also made chocolate pancakes with chocolate chips because, guess what? (This is the big news) MY PACKAGE CAME. Oh man it was great. only the Halloween one came but man I was so happy. Thank you sososososososos much. I thought chocolate was the same here but I tried one piece of candy and I nearly died. Thank you.
Alright that is about it. Next week I think we have to go to Guayaquil so there is a chance I will write at kind of a random time. Maybe. Maybe not. But I love you guys! Have a happy week. Church is true. The scriptures rock. Keep repenting and doing really really good things.
Love, Hermana Brimley

Dead cat exploded

Hello family!

Happy Dia de Muertos! It´s really not that interesting except that they have delicious pan and this hot fruit drink. So it is pretty good. But it sounds like you had a fun Halloween! Your costumes were great. Hilarious mom and dad. Always. I cant wait for one day to attend the Serafine’s party. But I am sure once I get to that age/married it will get changed to only Aunts and Uncles again. Psh. But I am not bitter.
SO this week. Unfortunately we were not able to hardly work 😦 which blows but we did get a new fecha! The miracles of Machala. Because her mom actually asked us at church if we could baptize her daughter. We were like…uh yeah we can do that. So whoo!! So we will teach her all the lessons in the next coming weeks (if there aren’t transfers) and baptize her in like 2 or 3 weeks. But other than that not much has happened in the “missionary” sense.
A little spiritual story for you all. So we were at Almuerzo with the Presidente of the Relief Society (she is like our best friend). And she left for a while and we were with some other people, including her nephew. Anyways her nephew was totally belittling me and just making stupid crude comments. But the thing was, as much as I knew what he was saying wasn’t good, I could not understand or respond to him (I am convinced the gift of tongues is taken away from me when I am not in an uplifting situation). Anyways, as much as I don’t want to hear or understand the things that he was saying I was like 100% discouraged because come on I just want to be fluent in spanish. Needless to say, I said a little prayer and immediately I was like FILLED with comfort and love and like I am not sure…it was just one of those “heavenly father for sure loves me and is here with me” kind of moments.
Other things: I have finished 3 of the 4 church books and I am making a good headway into Jesus the Christ. Also MAN have you guys read Alma lately? Because wow it’s awesome. I just want to be (to marry) Moroni. Weird thing: so there has been this dead cat on the side of the road for a while and man it smells horrible. But yesterday it exploded! I don’t know how. Something with the bacteria. My companion was like “you really haven’t seen that before?” No. No I have not.
Alrighty family! I love you! Happy November! Happy “I am out of my training”! Happy dia de muertos! The church is true! The book of mormon is seriously the word of God and it is awesome. Pray always and repent constantly and eat lots of delicious halloween candy for me!
Love you.
Hermana Brimley

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