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December 2015

Merry Christmas, Man.


Merry Christmas. Man, I cannot tell you how much I loved talking to you guys. Kind of blew for a few minutes after. Me and my companion were walking home and it was just like…how is it possible that you guys are all together celebrating Christmas and I am HERE. But no worries, we cooked up a delicious dish from Chile, ate Ice Cream, and had a very Merry Christmas. But seriously, you guys are great and funny. My companion is still making fun of me from when I screamed when I first saw you guys.
But yeah, I am good now and totally (mostly) focused. As much as I want to talk to you guys and write you and do video skypes like that more often, I can see why it has to be this way. We dont have that much time to be here and we really don’t have much time to be unfocused so yeah. But listen, we pretty much just have one more video call and then I am home! Crazy, right? Oh, but! Thank you so much for all the notes and decorations. Seriously seeing everyone’s handwriting and super supportive words is like the best thing ever. Riley- here is your shoutout. I hope you and Sierra are doing well and living that fun, cute, marriage life happily. I am still laughing at the poem Ali wrote for your guys’ wedding.
So yeah, I don’t know too much to say now haha since we kind of just talked. Yesterday was cool because we found this too (SUPER READY (“Mangos Bajos)) guys yesterday and put their baptismal date. They are great and we are really excited about them. They are black guys and my companion gets really excited about that because it is unheard of pretty much in Argentina. So there is that…
As for questions: News Years is a huge deal here. Christmas really wasn’t much but New Years is nuts. So needless to say, we have to be in the house at 6 on Friday and Saturday, I believe. I don’t know if I will go to the Galapagos. I doubt it. Not many people get to go and actually, as pretty as it is, I don’t know how I would feel about going as a missionary. Its really hard and there isn’t much food and yeah. I loved the candy. The Hermanas I live with also loved the candy aka there isn’t anymore:(
Okay I love you guys and I loved talking to you and I miss you guys like crazy. Yes, I swear I am being obedient. As much as some of the rules seem a little silly, just the act of being obedient brings miracles. Does that make sense? My testimony is really growing in that aspect.
Happy New Years!!!!!
Hermana Brimley

The great wonderful gift we have with our Savior

Hola Familia! Merry Christmas this week! Guess what? I have the best family/ward in the world because this Saturday I received 3 packages! 2 from the family and 1 from the ward. It is funny, because I remember making things for the missionaries when I was in Young Womens and thinking, they are not going to care about this. But man oh man I love the pillowcase I got. Seeing every one´s names was so awesome. I pretty much studied it like scripture. So thank you so much! And Sister and Brother Johnson I loved your letter! Thank you guys so much for thinking about me! Mom/family thank you so much for the packages. My heavens what a Merry Christmas.

This week was pretty nuts. We had the activity. Really, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal or anything but when you have such a small budget and have to make every thing by hand and you don’t have a car, things are more difficult. But it was really really so pretty and nice and the spirit was so strong. We did caramel popcorn balls in the shape of  Christmas trees and lots of lights and fabrics and showed videos and made a video of the rama with all of their pictures. It really was awesome. Lots of people in the rama have told us how much they are going to miss us when we leave and I am so dreading the day I have to go too. I love this rama.
Saturday we baptized Hermano Calderon and Adella and Paulette. It was so great. Right before the baptism Hermana Adella was like “Come here. I feel something in my heart. Its not nerves. Its a good feeling that I have never felt before.” HERMANA ADELLA IT IS THE SPIRIT. It was so great. And in her testimony after she was like “I am just so grateful that these hermanas came to find me.” So nice. As for Hermano Calderon, he is great. A little story. So my companion cant even like talk to him, because he is young and in the military and (as latinos go) pretty good looking. So when we would teach him she would like just look at me because she got to embarrassed. Haha. But all is well. Baptisms are great.
As for Christmas, I think I am going to call around 4 (I think it is 2 your time). I am going to call like half an hour early to set it all up and stuff. But I am so so excited! Yesterday, for the first time in my mission the President of the Branch on the spot called me up to give a talk and I have never been more nervous. But I just talked about the great wonderful gift we have with our Savior and as I was talking my testimony was like growing. Because as nervous as I was, like I could practically feel the comfort of Christ with me. Does that make sense?
I love you guys so much! Have a super merry Christmas!
Hermana Brimley

Carlos was baptized

Hey family!

I am kind of short on time today, so excuse me. But sounds like you guys had a fun, snowy week. It is kind of weird celebrating Christmas in this heat. Some people still have snowman decorations. So it is kind of like home. But man am I excited to talk to you guys! Heads up it might be on Christmas eve. But next Monday I should know more.
So this week has been nuts. Every day we are just running around. We are planning our ramas Christmas party and I want it to be good. So we have been picking up branches from peoples yards and cleaning them, painting them gold, and putting lights around them. Despite all the comments we get as we drag giant branches from the street, they are so pretty. ALSO this week we got to go to a choir concert. It was so pretty and presidente gave us all gifts. But my gift got lost somewhere so on Sunday we got to go to Machala and watch the choir again and I got to see my old ward which was like the best Christmas present in the world. I was dying. And to drive back we got in the back of a truck and drove through all the banana fields with all the Christmas lights and it was seriously the most amazing experience I have ever had. Seriously.
So on Saturday yay Carlos was baptized! It was such a nice service. And he gave his testimony at the end and said he was so excited to be a part of this church and come closer to God and all that amazing stuff. It really was wonderful.
The bad news is that people figured out my first name and have been on my facebook and so that has been a problem. Mostly for my pride. What in the world was I thinking when I posted all that dumb stuff? But nevertheless, every one is having great laughs.
OKay I love you guys! I miss you but i am so so so excited to talk to you guys. BEST FAMILY EVER.
Love, Hermana Brimley

Slipping on Banana Peels

Hola Familia!

Wow guys this was a very successful week of emails. ALMOST every one of you emailed me. Thank you so much. I love emails. I print all of them off and paste them in a “letter journal” and it pretty much rocks. So anyways. Love you guys.
So. This week I received one of the best Christmas presents ever from Presidente Torres. We got to go to the temple! We slept in the temple on Tuesday and Wednesday we had a session in the morning and then ate lunch in the temple and it was so so so so wonderful. The temple is seriously the best place in the world and the Guayaquil temple is stunning. You guys should come. And it was so much fun to see all my old companions and zones and stuff. Ah how wonderful was that.
The other super awesome thing was that I had my first baptism here is Pasaje! Hermana Zoyla! It was so awesome and so spritual. Like she is so great. A real convert. And then we had this awesome activity after and it was fun. Actually right before we went to pick up Zoyla for her baptism we went to another investigadores house (She had plans to get married this week). But she sat us down and was all teary and said she and her spouse broke up and she was moving out. Super sad. But then she came to the baptism and after she came up to me and was like “I dont care if I get married or not. I want to be baptized still.” WHOOO. And then the next morning in testimony meeting she got up and bore her testimony and was like “Before I met Hermana Brimley and Hermana Oropeza I didnt believe in God. But because of what they taught me I am so much happier.” WHOOO.
So anyways the church is true.
So we have another baptism this week. Hermano Carlos. He is great. But please pray for him. I am kind of nervous his fecha is going to fall. But the rama we are in is so so so awesome so I have faith the members will pull through and he can be baptized.
Anyways. This was a really cool week but besides those things not a TON happened. I finally feel like me and my companion have some unity and thats good. I have been very worried about that. Okay…questions. Food is great. I love patacones con queso. Sometimes we can exercise sometimes no. Clothes are fine yes. Most people work in the banana fields. Haha funny story the other day Hna Oro and I were laughing about how in cartoons there is always someone that slips on a banana peel and our Mamita and her husband got really serious and were like “its really not that funny. Its a big problem here.”
I love you guys! Have a fun last week of finals. Happy Christmas soon!

It was like a Latin Drama

Family whats uppppp.

Happy thanksgiving people! Sounds so fun with all your rock band and music of the world and all that stuff. The Latinas I live with love to sing but they sing all this dumb salsa music so it doesnt even count. But anyways I am very excited to be with you guys for thanksgiving…not the next one but the NEXT ONE.
Oh my gosh right now in this cyber someone is playing Justin Bieber¨s “Baby” and I have tears in my eyes. I think the Lord is blessing me right now. Thank you for your prayers.
So this week was good! Wait actually it was a tough week. Like one day in every appointment SOMETHING happened. Like one of our fechas, in her entrevista said she drank coffee that day for some stupid medical reason so her fecha fell through. And then the next appointment, Natalia, told us she broke the Law of Chastity. And then it just went on and on. But that is okay. We have a baptism this week. And hopefully and marriage and then a baptism next week.
Oh a funny experience. Yesterday we walked up to one of our investigators in her job. She sells hotdogs and hamburgers in the street. Anyways there was a guy (who turned out to be her son) sitting there drinking. So we starting talking and the conversation kind of got heated about agency and all that. But that we started talking about the Atonement and how we are never alone in our problems, and he just started bawling. Like this is a 45 year old big giant man, just sobbing. And his mom started to cry. And then I look over at my companion and she has just lost it. But then we have got Satan sitting on the other side of this bench, smiling and kind of laughing. Anyways, he took the bottle of alcohol and threw it in a river and he gave us hamburgers and he has a baptismal date for the 26th. It was like a Latin Drama.
Other things…not much. I forgot about thanksgiving until the night. So we bought a pizza and I made everyone say what they were thankful for and we moved our mattresses into the main room and had a slumber party. yayaya.
Oh man now it is Taylor Swift. Thank you, Lord.
As for questions: No Pasaje is much poorer than Machala. But I love it. Yes people have decorations for Christmas but not quite like America. P days…pretty much wash clothes and shop and maybe take a nap. We arent allowed to play sports in our mission and there isnt too much to see in Pasaje so yeah.
Okay I love you guys! Have a good week. The church is true and the gospel is wonderful and Ecuador is great and I am in the best mission in the wooooorld.
Love, Hermana Brimley

I love ecuador and the people here

Hello family!

How are you guys? Thank you for  you emails they are so much fun to read. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! I think this holiday might make me the most trunky because I love it so much in the states and it doesnt exist here:( Its okay though, my companion said we can buy turkey and make sandwiches. So nice.
This week was good! We are still working really really hard and trying to be exactly obedient because man oh man, obedience brings miracles. I think I am here in pasaje, though, not to baptize people but to marry them. Because we have got like 6 fechas that we can baptize but first we are planning their weddings. Which is fun. But yeah it is kind of interesting.
My companion is great. She is really funny and teaching me so much. Every day I feel more and more confident teaching lessons and following the spirit and that is the best thing. I am so darn tired of not adding as much as I could, though. Ya know? Like its so frustrating when someone asks a question and I totally know the answer but because of my poor spanish I cant answer it like I could in English. But, nevertheless, I am getting better and better every day.
Speaking of changes: We were talking about how we have changed on the mission. And I think I have become more of a calm person. Which is weird, because I am pretty sure I was calm before the mission. But man I am like Aang now. I could just sit in silence with my thoughts for years I think. Is this how all other language missionaries feel? Or is it just me.
As for questions: Yes I still bathe in bug spray and use the stupid mosquito net every night. I wont die from malaria, but I might die of heat for that thing. My legs have healed, yes. Me and my companion work well together I think. We are still learning exactly how to teach together, but like I said, it gets better and better every lesson. I dont think we will celebrate Thanksgiving, because I am 1 of 2 north americans in my zone. My area doesnt have lots of members. Like I think our asistencia is around 40. But I like it more because the members are so so awesome. I dont see what is going on in the world except that Lorin sent me pictures of the NEW HARRY POTTER MOVIE WHAT THE. I still love conference still please send more!!
Okay people I love you! I love the gospel and I love ecuador and the people here and the delicious delicous bananas. Also it is the season of mangos so that is been a real treat. Have a great week. Read your scriptures every day and PRAY AS A FAMILY. I love you guys!
Hermana Brimley

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