Hello family!

How are you guys? Thank you for  you emails they are so much fun to read. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! I think this holiday might make me the most trunky because I love it so much in the states and it doesnt exist here:( Its okay though, my companion said we can buy turkey and make sandwiches. So nice.
This week was good! We are still working really really hard and trying to be exactly obedient because man oh man, obedience brings miracles. I think I am here in pasaje, though, not to baptize people but to marry them. Because we have got like 6 fechas that we can baptize but first we are planning their weddings. Which is fun. But yeah it is kind of interesting.
My companion is great. She is really funny and teaching me so much. Every day I feel more and more confident teaching lessons and following the spirit and that is the best thing. I am so darn tired of not adding as much as I could, though. Ya know? Like its so frustrating when someone asks a question and I totally know the answer but because of my poor spanish I cant answer it like I could in English. But, nevertheless, I am getting better and better every day.
Speaking of changes: We were talking about how we have changed on the mission. And I think I have become more of a calm person. Which is weird, because I am pretty sure I was calm before the mission. But man I am like Aang now. I could just sit in silence with my thoughts for years I think. Is this how all other language missionaries feel? Or is it just me.
As for questions: Yes I still bathe in bug spray and use the stupid mosquito net every night. I wont die from malaria, but I might die of heat for that thing. My legs have healed, yes. Me and my companion work well together I think. We are still learning exactly how to teach together, but like I said, it gets better and better every lesson. I dont think we will celebrate Thanksgiving, because I am 1 of 2 north americans in my zone. My area doesnt have lots of members. Like I think our asistencia is around 40. But I like it more because the members are so so awesome. I dont see what is going on in the world except that Lorin sent me pictures of the NEW HARRY POTTER MOVIE WHAT THE. I still love conference still please send more!!
Okay people I love you! I love the gospel and I love ecuador and the people here and the delicious delicous bananas. Also it is the season of mangos so that is been a real treat. Have a great week. Read your scriptures every day and PRAY AS A FAMILY. I love you guys!
Hermana Brimley