Family whats uppppp.

Happy thanksgiving people! Sounds so fun with all your rock band and music of the world and all that stuff. The Latinas I live with love to sing but they sing all this dumb salsa music so it doesnt even count. But anyways I am very excited to be with you guys for thanksgiving…not the next one but the NEXT ONE.
Oh my gosh right now in this cyber someone is playing Justin Bieber¨s “Baby” and I have tears in my eyes. I think the Lord is blessing me right now. Thank you for your prayers.
So this week was good! Wait actually it was a tough week. Like one day in every appointment SOMETHING happened. Like one of our fechas, in her entrevista said she drank coffee that day for some stupid medical reason so her fecha fell through. And then the next appointment, Natalia, told us she broke the Law of Chastity. And then it just went on and on. But that is okay. We have a baptism this week. And hopefully and marriage and then a baptism next week.
Oh a funny experience. Yesterday we walked up to one of our investigators in her job. She sells hotdogs and hamburgers in the street. Anyways there was a guy (who turned out to be her son) sitting there drinking. So we starting talking and the conversation kind of got heated about agency and all that. But that we started talking about the Atonement and how we are never alone in our problems, and he just started bawling. Like this is a 45 year old big giant man, just sobbing. And his mom started to cry. And then I look over at my companion and she has just lost it. But then we have got Satan sitting on the other side of this bench, smiling and kind of laughing. Anyways, he took the bottle of alcohol and threw it in a river and he gave us hamburgers and he has a baptismal date for the 26th. It was like a Latin Drama.
Other things…not much. I forgot about thanksgiving until the night. So we bought a pizza and I made everyone say what they were thankful for and we moved our mattresses into the main room and had a slumber party. yayaya.
Oh man now it is Taylor Swift. Thank you, Lord.
As for questions: No Pasaje is much poorer than Machala. But I love it. Yes people have decorations for Christmas but not quite like America. P days…pretty much wash clothes and shop and maybe take a nap. We arent allowed to play sports in our mission and there isnt too much to see in Pasaje so yeah.
Okay I love you guys! Have a good week. The church is true and the gospel is wonderful and Ecuador is great and I am in the best mission in the wooooorld.
Love, Hermana Brimley