Hola Familia!

Wow guys this was a very successful week of emails. ALMOST every one of you emailed me. Thank you so much. I love emails. I print all of them off and paste them in a “letter journal” and it pretty much rocks. So anyways. Love you guys.
So. This week I received one of the best Christmas presents ever from Presidente Torres. We got to go to the temple! We slept in the temple on Tuesday and Wednesday we had a session in the morning and then ate lunch in the temple and it was so so so so wonderful. The temple is seriously the best place in the world and the Guayaquil temple is stunning. You guys should come. And it was so much fun to see all my old companions and zones and stuff. Ah how wonderful was that.
The other super awesome thing was that I had my first baptism here is Pasaje! Hermana Zoyla! It was so awesome and so spritual. Like she is so great. A real convert. And then we had this awesome activity after and it was fun. Actually right before we went to pick up Zoyla for her baptism we went to another investigadores house (She had plans to get married this week). But she sat us down and was all teary and said she and her spouse broke up and she was moving out. Super sad. But then she came to the baptism and after she came up to me and was like “I dont care if I get married or not. I want to be baptized still.” WHOOO. And then the next morning in testimony meeting she got up and bore her testimony and was like “Before I met Hermana Brimley and Hermana Oropeza I didnt believe in God. But because of what they taught me I am so much happier.” WHOOO.
So anyways the church is true.
So we have another baptism this week. Hermano Carlos. He is great. But please pray for him. I am kind of nervous his fecha is going to fall. But the rama we are in is so so so awesome so I have faith the members will pull through and he can be baptized.
Anyways. This was a really cool week but besides those things not a TON happened. I finally feel like me and my companion have some unity and thats good. I have been very worried about that. Okay…questions. Food is great. I love patacones con queso. Sometimes we can exercise sometimes no. Clothes are fine yes. Most people work in the banana fields. Haha funny story the other day Hna Oro and I were laughing about how in cartoons there is always someone that slips on a banana peel and our Mamita and her husband got really serious and were like “its really not that funny. Its a big problem here.”
I love you guys! Have a fun last week of finals. Happy Christmas soon!