Hey family!

I am kind of short on time today, so excuse me. But sounds like you guys had a fun, snowy week. It is kind of weird celebrating Christmas in this heat. Some people still have snowman decorations. So it is kind of like home. But man am I excited to talk to you guys! Heads up it might be on Christmas eve. But next Monday I should know more.
So this week has been nuts. Every day we are just running around. We are planning our ramas Christmas party and I want it to be good. So we have been picking up branches from peoples yards and cleaning them, painting them gold, and putting lights around them. Despite all the comments we get as we drag giant branches from the street, they are so pretty. ALSO this week we got to go to a choir concert. It was so pretty and presidente gave us all gifts. But my gift got lost somewhere so on Sunday we got to go to Machala and watch the choir again and I got to see my old ward which was like the best Christmas present in the world. I was dying. And to drive back we got in the back of a truck and drove through all the banana fields with all the Christmas lights and it was seriously the most amazing experience I have ever had. Seriously.
So on Saturday yay Carlos was baptized! It was such a nice service. And he gave his testimony at the end and said he was so excited to be a part of this church and come closer to God and all that amazing stuff. It really was wonderful.
The bad news is that people figured out my first name and have been on my facebook and so that has been a problem. Mostly for my pride. What in the world was I thinking when I posted all that dumb stuff? But nevertheless, every one is having great laughs.
OKay I love you guys! I miss you but i am so so so excited to talk to you guys. BEST FAMILY EVER.
Love, Hermana Brimley