Merry Christmas. Man, I cannot tell you how much I loved talking to you guys. Kind of blew for a few minutes after. Me and my companion were walking home and it was just like…how is it possible that you guys are all together celebrating Christmas and I am HERE. But no worries, we cooked up a delicious dish from Chile, ate Ice Cream, and had a very Merry Christmas. But seriously, you guys are great and funny. My companion is still making fun of me from when I screamed when I first saw you guys.
But yeah, I am good now and totally (mostly) focused. As much as I want to talk to you guys and write you and do video skypes like that more often, I can see why it has to be this way. We dont have that much time to be here and we really don’t have much time to be unfocused so yeah. But listen, we pretty much just have one more video call and then I am home! Crazy, right? Oh, but! Thank you so much for all the notes and decorations. Seriously seeing everyone’s handwriting and super supportive words is like the best thing ever. Riley- here is your shoutout. I hope you and Sierra are doing well and living that fun, cute, marriage life happily. I am still laughing at the poem Ali wrote for your guys’ wedding.
So yeah, I don’t know too much to say now haha since we kind of just talked. Yesterday was cool because we found this too (SUPER READY (“Mangos Bajos)) guys yesterday and put their baptismal date. They are great and we are really excited about them. They are black guys and my companion gets really excited about that because it is unheard of pretty much in Argentina. So there is that…
As for questions: News Years is a huge deal here. Christmas really wasn’t much but New Years is nuts. So needless to say, we have to be in the house at 6 on Friday and Saturday, I believe. I don’t know if I will go to the Galapagos. I doubt it. Not many people get to go and actually, as pretty as it is, I don’t know how I would feel about going as a missionary. Its really hard and there isn’t much food and yeah. I loved the candy. The Hermanas I live with also loved the candy aka there isn’t anymore:(
Okay I love you guys and I loved talking to you and I miss you guys like crazy. Yes, I swear I am being obedient. As much as some of the rules seem a little silly, just the act of being obedient brings miracles. Does that make sense? My testimony is really growing in that aspect.
Happy New Years!!!!!
Hermana Brimley