Hola Familia! Merry Christmas this week! Guess what? I have the best family/ward in the world because this Saturday I received 3 packages! 2 from the family and 1 from the ward. It is funny, because I remember making things for the missionaries when I was in Young Womens and thinking, they are not going to care about this. But man oh man I love the pillowcase I got. Seeing every one´s names was so awesome. I pretty much studied it like scripture. So thank you so much! And Sister and Brother Johnson I loved your letter! Thank you guys so much for thinking about me! Mom/family thank you so much for the packages. My heavens what a Merry Christmas.

This week was pretty nuts. We had the activity. Really, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal or anything but when you have such a small budget and have to make every thing by hand and you don’t have a car, things are more difficult. But it was really really so pretty and nice and the spirit was so strong. We did caramel popcorn balls in the shape of  Christmas trees and lots of lights and fabrics and showed videos and made a video of the rama with all of their pictures. It really was awesome. Lots of people in the rama have told us how much they are going to miss us when we leave and I am so dreading the day I have to go too. I love this rama.
Saturday we baptized Hermano Calderon and Adella and Paulette. It was so great. Right before the baptism Hermana Adella was like “Come here. I feel something in my heart. Its not nerves. Its a good feeling that I have never felt before.” HERMANA ADELLA IT IS THE SPIRIT. It was so great. And in her testimony after she was like “I am just so grateful that these hermanas came to find me.” So nice. As for Hermano Calderon, he is great. A little story. So my companion cant even like talk to him, because he is young and in the military and (as latinos go) pretty good looking. So when we would teach him she would like just look at me because she got to embarrassed. Haha. But all is well. Baptisms are great.
As for Christmas, I think I am going to call around 4 (I think it is 2 your time). I am going to call like half an hour early to set it all up and stuff. But I am so so excited! Yesterday, for the first time in my mission the President of the Branch on the spot called me up to give a talk and I have never been more nervous. But I just talked about the great wonderful gift we have with our Savior and as I was talking my testimony was like growing. Because as nervous as I was, like I could practically feel the comfort of Christ with me. Does that make sense?
I love you guys so much! Have a super merry Christmas!
Hermana Brimley