I feel like I should start this letter with like “happy” something…so happy first(ish) week of the year!
This week was good! Just working hard a trying to learn Spanish. So pretty much the same old. This week more than ever I feel like my “American” status is being highlighted aka we get free taxis and food and stuff because my companions will be like “our companion here will sign a photo of the Restoracion if you don’t charge us.” Is that bad? I feel like I am taking advantage of people, but really we just don’t have that much money. One guy on a bus came up to me and started preaching his crazy gospel, but he was also selling cookies, so I just smiled and let him rant but at the end he was like “you have the most beautiful heart” and naturally we got a bunch of banana cookies.
OH another funny experience. We were in this one area that is mas o menos sketchy. Like it is kind of where all the druggies live, but since we are missionaries and every one here loves Jesus we don’t feel in danger. Any who we were talking to this one guy and then eventually a group of like 15 people came up and we were talking to them. And these people were just like the harshest group of people ever. Like killers and robbers and druggies and just horrible things. But wow did we call them to repentance. It was so cool. Like I was just like “every one of you has the chance to repent and return to your father in heaven, thanks to Jesus Christ” anyways the spirit was strong and they were crying. Love being a missionary.
Other things. We have a fecha that is really just working so hard to complete with the law of chastity. If you guys have ever seen the missionary training movie “district”. It is just like “German”. He is so so trying and it is so nice to see that he really wants to change his life and I just love being a part of that.
One more thing, so as a mission we are reading the book of Mormon. So I am marking the name of Christ every time I read it, not just Christ but also “Lord” “Savior” “Redeemer” and stuff. Man it is great. You guys should try it. It seriously is building my testimony that the book of Mormon truly testifies that Christ is our savior.
AND that’s about all. I love you guys so much! Aunt Paula and Aunt Lori THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CHRISTMAS GIFTS. I loved it so so much. Sister Powell and Sister Pew thank you so much for your Christmas cards.´I love hearing about your families and I am so glad you guys are doing alright. I am always praying for you guys:)
I love you!
Hermana Brimley