How are you all, my lovely family? I miss you guys! But sounds like you are having TOO much fun with all this snow. Sad I am missing it. Lawlz. Actually, it would be cool to be in snow right but no matter, living on the Equator is fun too. Nate- good job with your wisdom teeth. It takes a real person to get those things taken out. As I remember, I was totally normal when I got mine taken out.

So this week. We had a really great baptism! That was the highlight of the week. Her name is Natalia and she is aweeesssooommee. She is 19 and has a cute little baby. Super great. She was the girl that said that before she met us, she didn’t believe in God and she didn’t want anything to do with religion or anything. So anyways, her baptism was lovely. None of her family is members so we had a lot of investigators in the baptism, but the best thing that they said was that the cake we provided was good. So…anywho…But Natalia was happy. And so were we.
So I read a really cool talk about the love that God has for every single one of us. That is my favorite thing to study, because I think it is so comforting. And with people here, it is definitely the thing I refer to the most. Because if they know that God is not only God, but is their Heavenly Father, there is such a change in people. I feel like when we understand the love that Heavenly Father has for us, we want to be obedient and when we are obedient and follow all of the commandments, we become so much closer to our Heavenly Father. Does this make sense? It’s not like I can’t remember English, but I always feel like I sound really funny when I write in English.
As for zone conferences, we have them every week. Every Saturday. They are not fun. I am not sure why Derek and Scott lucked out and practically had parties in their zone conferences, but all we do is talk about what we are doing wrong and how we can be better. There is a phrase in Spanish “machete” used here a lot. And that is pretty much what our Zone conferences are. But sometimes their is roll playing at the end so that is a bonus.
OH MY GOSH ALAN RICKMAN DIED ARE YOU SERIOUS. When I read that I actually screamed and the other Hermanas were like “what!? what happened!” And I was like “You know the movie, Harry Potter? Well potion’s master died!” Anyways, they weren’t quite as moved as I was. But super sad. He was a great man. A great wizard. Also I cant believe Donald Trump is going to be the republican candidate. Say what we will about Obama but at least he was a good face for America. (I think there is something lost in translation here. Obviously Alex will need to watch a lot of Fox News when she returns.)
Alright, everyone, have a great week. Nicole- enjoy your cruise! Garrett- good luck with the kids. Remember always to read the book of Mormon EVERY DAY PEOPLE. There is no better way to find comfort and to align ourselves with God than with the book of Mormon.
I love you guys!
Hermana Brimley