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February 2016

Fighting the sun and the mosquitos




Yeah, so I am very sorry for not writing last week but as I have told you before, transfers here are crazy. Normally we print our letter in the morning, then go shop and do all that P-day stuff, and at 4:00 we write, but last week we got a call at 1:30pm saying my companion needed to be in Santa Rosa (an hour away) at 2:45pm (leaving her 15 minutes to get all her stuff together) and then from there, I had to go to Guayaquil (5 hours away) to collect my new companion, and we didn’t get home until Tuesday. So I am super sorry. If it helps, it was kind of a horrible P-day for me as well. And guess what? My new companion? Hermana Perez (we were in a trio together already)! She is from Colombia and she is really helping me develop my Christ-like attribute of patience.



But how are you guys? OH MY GOODNESS LORIN WELCOME HOME. Man I cannot believe you are home. AND JANIE GOING TO POLAND That is going to be nuts, but really cool.  Congratulations you will be awesome. It is kind of sad that you are leaving but no worries– see you in October of 2017 the B’s will be back together again. Lol.

So this week has been good and hard and I am being forced to learn a lot! Which is good. Because my companion is really not wanting to like talk that much so I am just teaching and inviting and leading and doing every thing. And I am so tired. But it is good because I feel like my Spanish has gotten so so so so much better this week. Like weirdly so. I am not really sure what happened. Anyways, we found a lady who is like 20 years old and has 2 kids and her spouse only comes to her teeny tiny apartment like once a week and comes only to beat her— it is so sad.  We are trying to help her. ALSO we have had this super firm investigator, Carmen, who goes to church every week and reads the Book of Mormon constantly. She wants to be baptized, but can’t because she lives under the same roof as her ex-husband. This week she told me that she wants to move out of her house and so we are (with the help of the rama) looking for a house for her! And the moment she moves out, she can get baptized! I am just so so so happy for that. I really just want to be here for her baptism.

Other things…this week I have been trying to mend relationships with different families in the rama. Some missionaries who served in my area have clashed with lots of ward members, to the point that people started resenting us. (It kind of blew). But man what a successful week. We don’t have any more enemies in the ward and I cannot even tell you what a win that is.

Let me quickly tell you about my companion. She is not easy.  She is emotionally needy and gets mad at me if I’m not hugging her or showing affection or babying her. She quits talking to me. The nurse called me last night and said, Hermana Brimley you need to be strong. You are going to grow so much in this transfer, but if there is anything I can do to help you, just tell me. I am here for you 24/7. So that is a comfort. Shooot.

As for questions: I have not gotten my package yet. But I did get two letters. THANK YOU AUNT JUDY and UNCLE JAMIE!! Seriously that money saved my booty this week because I had nothing. It is hard to get to an ATM and one that works. As for my birthday…. oh chuzo I don’t know. Money? That way I can buy things here for you guys? Ah man I don’t know! Maybe a new skirt? And yes, I imagine I will get transferred soon. I have a lot of time here…almost four months. BUT I LOVE PASAJE AND I DONT WANT TO LEAVE. So pray for that.

Alrighty. Was this long enough for you people? You guys are never satisfied with how long my letters are. Really my life right now is fighting the sun and the mosquitos (don’t worry I still bathe in repellant every 3 hours). Oh and the rain in the streets up to my knees. But it is all good. I still love Ecuador and I am very blessed and I love the gospel and I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Hermana Brimley


This week is “Carnival” in South America

Hello family!

You responded miraculously to my desperate email. (Alex let us know that she was writing earlier today and wanted to make sure we had all written her) Derek and Scott you both sent me pictures of your breakfast. Thank you for that. I hope everyone is doing super well! JACK HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YOU ARE 3!!! I cannot believe he is three years old. It seems like just yesterday I saw him be born. I hope he had a great birthday.

So as for my week. This week is “Carnival” in South America. An interesting holiday! Seriously all it is is just a big water fight. I asked my companion what they celebrated in Carnival (because I figured it had to be something) and she was getting so frustrated trying to explain that “It’s just like New Years except instead of fireworks its Carnival with water”. But anyways I am still not sure what Carnival is. (Ecuadorians celebrate the week before Lent by throwing water, flour, oil, eggs at each other. They especially like to target foreigners. It lasts for a few days.)

So we were in the house Friday and Saturday and only went to church on Sunday. Walking home from church everyone dumped water on me, so I guess for good reason we aren’t allowed to go outside. Happy Carnival!

BUT the big news this week was that I received my pin! I don’t know if I have told you guys about the buttons. But after you have finished you 12 semanas, when there is a capacitacion (like a training meeting) Presidente makes you get up in front of like 100 people and he asks you a question (baptism invitation, L1, L2, L3, etc) and you have to teach him in front of anyone. If you do it well, you get your pin which signifies that you can  train other missionaries and you are like a real missionary. haha. Anyways I was nervous. But I got up there and he said “Hermanita, esta lista?” I said “Si, presidente” and then he asked me to teach Lesson 3 (The gospel of Jesus Christ). Anyways, all was well and I taught it and I GOT MY PIN! My madre (Hermana Nuñez), and my madrastra (Hermana Peralta) put my pin on and it was great. Everyone cheered and it was lovely. One Elder, from Argentina, got asked by presidente to give Leccion 1 in English! He didn’t speak at all but it was really sweet.

So that was pretty much my week. Studying for the capacitacion and then being in casa. Fun fun fun. Oh but let me tell you about one lession we had. So we are teaching this one lady, (E). She has had a rough past with selling drugs and being in jail and just tons of stuff. But she really wants to change. Anyways, on Thursday, I believe, we went to her house and she was like “I don’t think I can continue on, I really am not worthy”. We asked her why she felt that way and she wouldn’t tell us. But we explain repentance and how we all make mistakes but through the Atonement we can all feel clean and peaceful again. She was like crying and the spirit was super strong and then she asked us “Can a person that is working in prostitution be baptized?”. Anyways somehow 3 of the people that we are working with are working as prostitutes. These women have such hard lives trying to survive and provide for their children. It is really sad. But I do feel like I am learning a lot about the Atonement as I teach these people.

So that was my week. I hope that everyone is good! Are you all reading the Book of Mormon? Every day? Do it! Are you all praying? Are you repenting? Do ittttt. You will be happier, I swear.

I love you guys.

Hermana Brimley

So pray for me


Wow how wonderful it was to get all your emails this week! I am not sure what happened last week! But I was like…there must be a giant snowstorm in Utah and no one has power and that is why mom didn’t email me. There could be no other explanation.(I did email her…but she didn’t get it until later)


This week was good. Our baptism fell through for literally the worst reason of all. I still can’t quite talk about it calmly but here you go: so our fecha, really REALLY wanted to be baptized but he has a girlfriend that refuses to leave his house. But for 1 week before you get baptized you have to be living the law of chastity and word of wisdom and stuff. So to avoid her at all costs, he went to Cuenca (like 5 hours from here) without telling ANYONE. He is super poor, so he doesn’t have a phone and man it was so frustrating going to his house everyday, praying that he would be there. Then Saturday came and he still wasn’t there. Ugh. So frustrating. But anyways, Sunday came, we went to his house AND HE WAS THERE. He told us the whole story and said he felt bad for everything and still wanted to be baptized but he is like so afraid of his girlfriend that we are afraid that this whole thing is going to happen again this week. I don’t think my heart can take the stress of this again though. So pray for me.


So that was pretty much the biggest thing this week. But other things: our other fechas our progressing nicely. Oh we met this super cool lady who wants to change her life but she is involved in prostitution. Which is sad. She just has no money and has a son, so she is pretty much willing to do anything to get money. Really really sad. But we are trying to help her. Unfortunately, we can’t just give her money or a job, and if she cant find a job then what can we do?


What else…every day it has been raining here It rains like crazy. Like Lost.(the TV show) It pours and pours for like 20 minutes and gets you completely wet and then you are just stuck like that all day. And then it just gets more humid and you never dry. OH also this week we haven’t had water again! Darn third world countries. We all smell horrible. Unbelievable. But así es la misión.


Yes, there is a big disease here call Zika. But I still bathe in repellant so hopefully I am good to go.


I love you guys! Have a super awesome week. Pray for Alex PLEEAAASSE. Guys I love being a missionary, even without water and walking in the pouring rain, without finding our investigators, I love being here in Ecuador. It is really the coolest time ever.


I love you!

Hermana Brimley

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