Wow how wonderful it was to get all your emails this week! I am not sure what happened last week! But I was like…there must be a giant snowstorm in Utah and no one has power and that is why mom didn’t email me. There could be no other explanation.(I did email her…but she didn’t get it until later)


This week was good. Our baptism fell through for literally the worst reason of all. I still can’t quite talk about it calmly but here you go: so our fecha, really REALLY wanted to be baptized but he has a girlfriend that refuses to leave his house. But for 1 week before you get baptized you have to be living the law of chastity and word of wisdom and stuff. So to avoid her at all costs, he went to Cuenca (like 5 hours from here) without telling ANYONE. He is super poor, so he doesn’t have a phone and man it was so frustrating going to his house everyday, praying that he would be there. Then Saturday came and he still wasn’t there. Ugh. So frustrating. But anyways, Sunday came, we went to his house AND HE WAS THERE. He told us the whole story and said he felt bad for everything and still wanted to be baptized but he is like so afraid of his girlfriend that we are afraid that this whole thing is going to happen again this week. I don’t think my heart can take the stress of this again though. So pray for me.


So that was pretty much the biggest thing this week. But other things: our other fechas our progressing nicely. Oh we met this super cool lady who wants to change her life but she is involved in prostitution. Which is sad. She just has no money and has a son, so she is pretty much willing to do anything to get money. Really really sad. But we are trying to help her. Unfortunately, we can’t just give her money or a job, and if she cant find a job then what can we do?


What else…every day it has been raining here It rains like crazy. Like Lost.(the TV show) It pours and pours for like 20 minutes and gets you completely wet and then you are just stuck like that all day. And then it just gets more humid and you never dry. OH also this week we haven’t had water again! Darn third world countries. We all smell horrible. Unbelievable. But así es la misión.


Yes, there is a big disease here call Zika. But I still bathe in repellant so hopefully I am good to go.


I love you guys! Have a super awesome week. Pray for Alex PLEEAAASSE. Guys I love being a missionary, even without water and walking in the pouring rain, without finding our investigators, I love being here in Ecuador. It is really the coolest time ever.


I love you!

Hermana Brimley