Derek: HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK! Hope you have a lovely day and a lovely year and be very good to your wife and study and work hard and have a happy birthday. You are a great brother, even if you forget to write me (for 5 months).


So…this week I think I saw the craziest miracle of all time. Ah man it was so awesome. Do you remember Carmen? Our investigator that was looking for a house? Well, on Wednesday I went on a Intercambio with another Hermana and when I got back on Thursday my companion told me that she had found a house and moved out. We were so so excited (aka on the bus ride home I was crying).

We called our district leader and that excitement came quickly down, because he told us that it is a mission rule that you have to be living the law of chastity for 15 days before your baptism. I was so mad because I KNEW Carmen was a special case.(she was living with her ex husband because she couldn’t find another home)

Anyways, the other problem was that Carmen didn’t want to be baptized without her boyfriend, Carlos,  and he was working in the Mines for another 15 days. But anyways I knew that Carmen was special and needed to be baptized,

So on Friday morning, we went to try and convince her to be baptized the next day (a long shot) or the next Saturday. And while we were in the appointment, the ZL´s showed up and started talking to her and then, wouldn´t you know it, the Assistants showed up. That was so stressful. But anywho, they started talking to her and talking to her and she was like “no no no. Carlos needs to be here before I get baptized, and furthermore, I am going to be in Cuenca (another city) on Saturday, so it is impossible.” But then one of the assistants looked at her and was like “Hermana, the scriptures say that we should not wait to repent, we should repent today. Hermana you can be baptized today mismo. You can be clean of all your sins and you can start your life over again. I promise you, in the name of Jesus Christ that your boyfriend will be there”

WHOOOOO — SHE WAS BAPTIZED THAT NIGHT. Seriously the best day of all time and the best baptism ever. I will never forget that experience. So happy for her. At 6 o’clock that night we went over to the river and she was baptized. (like Jesus). I will send pictures of it.

Other things…things are the same with my companion. When we went on the intercambio the companion I was with told me lots of comforting things like, I am not with her to be helped, but more to help her and serve her. It was helpful to talk to someone and get advice. Needless to say, I am still learning patience. And ugh, when I got back to my area, the mission nurse called me and told me to be careful and eat enough because my companion called and told her I was anorexic.

The nurse made me take a stress test. Ugh. I am learning patience. (I promise I am eating enough…I will send pictures)

I got the Valentine package! Thank you so much. I passed the CTR rings to my cambios. And they loved them.  And I loved my new ring! Thanks for all the cards and the code word” hoverboard.” You guys are great.

Alrighty. The church is true and the Book of Mormon rocks. So does Ecuador, lets be honest I am in the best mission in the world.

Love you guys

Hermana Brimley