Hello familia,

How are you guys? Sounds like you had a busy week. SCOTT AND ALI HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I remember when you guys were just tiny babies. And now look at you. Anyways, we are all very proud of your accomplishments and siga adelante. I hope you had a great day and have a great year now.

SO as for my week. Another dull one, to be honest.  We are just doing A LOT of contacting which is cool because we get to meet lots of new people and go to lots of new places, but also sad because we have a new rule in the mission that if you don’t have fechas (lessons) you aren’t allowed to go to the Zone Meeting (we have zone meetings every Saturday) Que vergüenza… So anyways I am super super super resolved to just work my booty off this week and find new people. Still a little bit hard with my comp…but that is okay. I am learning patience and personal diligencia.

Other things…someone told me they thought I was a prophet this week. NICE. Also someone in my rama (ward) told me that they haven’t fasted in 10 years, but last week they fasted that I wouldn’t be transferred. awww. I do not want to leave Pasaje.

So since this is a pretty dull letter, I think I will tell you a funny story. So the other day at like 10:00 at night my companion wanted calzones (like the pizza things) and there is a place here that sells them. Anyways, since we can’t leave the house at that time, my companion called a member and asked if he would buy her a calzone and bring it to the apartment. Anyways he was like “You need a calzone right now? Like you can’t wait until tomorrow? And also, don’t you wear garments?” Anyways, long story short, the word calzone here in Ecuador means “thong”. Lol.

As for the spiritual side of things, I am really working on my humility. And I am realizing that all of the Christ like attributes goes hand in hand. I don’t know why that hit me so hard this week but as I was really trying and praying to be more humble, I realized how much my obedience increased which then in turn helped my diligence and with that my love for the people. So that is really what I have been focusing on this week. It has been cool.

Okay well I love you! The church is true. Seriously guys, we are so lucky to have the gospel in our lives. We should never forget that we are so blessed to have all that we do.

I love you!

Hermana Brimley