Hello my dear family!

How are you guys? HAPPY EASTER! Have you seen the video that the church made for this Easter? It is really cool. And also how much fun is it that we have a real bunny for Easter. Anywho, Happy Birthday Garrett. You are entering your 30s? And me, my 20s. SO Sad


So anyways this week we had A MIRACLE. Seriously. On Friday we were in a lesson with a member and after the lesson was me and my companion were like “We should go visit this one investigator that the Elders had” (the Elders were teaching this one girl but then she moved to Santa Rosa (like an hour away) but she had all of her lessons and her asistencias and todo. But anyways we decided to verify and we went to her house and by some miracle she was there. And we invited her to be baptized for that same day, because she was leaving again to Santa Rosa on Saturday in the morning. ANYWAYS after a few crazy dramatics she ended up being baptized on Saturday in the morning and confirmed that same day, because she got a call that she needed to be in Peru the next day and wouldn’t be able to attend church. Anyways our President of the rama was like “Well, I never let people do this, but because I really like you guys we can confirm her now.” WHOOO. I hope this story makes sense because it seriously was miraculous. The Elders were working with her for MONTHS and she wouldn’t be baptized. It really was a testimony builder as to the Lord has his time for everything.


Other things. We have a new fecha…Alex. I don’t know if you remember him but he couldn’t be baptized a while ago because his crazy girlfriend wouldn’t leave his house.  But anyways we went to his house and his girlfriend LEFT WHOOO! So he is going to be baptized on Saturday. We went to his house last night to talk  and we were like “how did you like the church…etc.” and his was like “Oh no…I have to talk to you about that…I have something to tell you guys….the church…well…it was incredible. I have felt such a void not taking the Sacrament these weeks.” Phew.  But so cool. He gives me lots of fruit and chocolate and he is a good guy. Pray for Alex.

Anyways we worked our booties off this week and on Sunday man I wanted to cry because it was like such a good day. We finally saw like the…fruits of our labors and that is always such a good feeling. OH BUT SUCH A DUMB THING. So you know the rule we have that we can’t go to zone conference if we don’t have fechas? (people who have accepted to be baptized) Well on Friday we had two fechas and they called us at 10:20 at night and were like “oh sorry the new rule is that if you don’t have more than 2 fechas you can’t go to zone conference.” DARN IT. But there you go.

As for other things. I was pretty sick this week. whoooo.I think it was food poisoning. It wasn’t pleasant and I am still recovering but phewwwww.  One day I was laying on my bed (dying) and the new Hermana that is in our house came and sat by me and was like “do you feel bad?” I was like “a little…(dying)” and she started crying and showed me a mosquito bite that she had that hurt. (Are you kidding me?)

But anyways this week was so much better. I am in love with Pasaje guys. Pray that I don’t leave, that will be heart breaking. But I just love the people here. Let’s move to Ecuador, guys. Just kidding lol. But yeah I love the church and I love missionary work! I love you guys so much!!!

Hermana Brimley