Hello Familia,

What is up?

Happy Easter! I totally forgot that it was Easter, yesterday, if that tells you anything about how the people here celebrate. But happy Pascua. Now let me tell you a little bit about the most beautiful place in the world- The Galapagos Islands.
A seal in the background
So on Monday, I totally thought I had escaped cambios and I was so happy. Like shed a few tears happy. But then we were teaching a lesson to this Testigo de Jehova and the ZL called me and said “Hermana Brimley!  Thank you for all your work here, but you have cambios and you need to be on a bus to Guayaquil in 30 minutes“. My response to him was, to be honest, a little pathetic: (crying)  “But Elder…I am happy here…what did I do wrong…?” But anyways I ran home and packed up all my stuff and called everyone and all of the YCL’s came over to say goodbye and it blew– but yeah. It happened. Anyways, we got to Guayaquil at like 10 at night and it was only me and my companion and the Asistentes there. We got in a taxi to go to the house where I would be sleeping and I was trying to get them to tell me where I would be going when finally one of the asistentes was like “Fine. Hermana you are going to train in Loja (Loja is freezing).” And I was like okay alright that is fine. But then we got to the house and the asistent told me to take out something to note and told me I would be going to the sector “Santa Cruz” and he was like “Hermana do you know where Santa Cruz is?” and I was like “Yeah, Elder you just told me it was in Loja.” And he was like “Hermana Brimley, the Lord trusts you so much that you are one of the few people that get the opportunity to preach the gospel in the beautiful Galapagos Islands.” And then I died.
With Charles Darwin
So anyways I packed up a suitcase (because you can only bring one) and I flew to the Islands by myself (whaaat) and man. It is AMAZING. I cannot even believe I am here. It feels like a dream. And the people and the members are so darn wonderful everyone just rocks. It is super super super hot aka I am a Lobster but it is gorgeous with all these Palm trees and you can always see the beach and the Turtles and all the animals. I don’t even know, but I am so so blessed.When I left, I was thinking Mom and dad don’t even know I’m flying in this small plane over the ocean. Mom would be worried.
Downside to the Islands: It is super expensive. Like it is like 3 or 4 times more expensive than Ecuador. And like we miss out on things like…we couldn’t watch the Women’s Conference because it doesn’t work here in the Islands. But that is okay.
My companion in Hermana Quispe, de Peru. She is really really great and we are working our booties off here and I am just trying to take it all in and learn my sector because I can only be here for like 8-10 weeks (for Visa reasons).It is just me and my companion and 2 Elders on the island.
I got my Birthday package and opened my presents because I couldn’t fit everything in my suitcase. Thank you so much. I love the clothes they are sooo cute and fit great. I left my easter candy and the other food in my suitcase and will enjoy it when I get back.It truly was a tender mercy it came before I left.
Yes I know Mason Wells and feel so sad for him. That is crazy that happened.I hope he will be alright.
But anyways, I love it here and I love preaching the gospel to these people. Who would have thought that in like the most obscure place in the world, I would be preaching the gospel, but like the scriptures say, the gospel will reach every end of the Earth and I LOVE being a part of helping move the Lord’s work forward.
I love you guys!
Hermana Brimley