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April 2016

Weirdest week yet on my mission

Dear Family,

How are you guys?
NATE -HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What are you, 12 now? haha You are really growing up. I assume. You don’t really write to me anymore, but nevertheless I bought you a cool gift here that I will give you in T-8 months. But happy birthday and I will sing to you and to Anna and all of the others that celebrated birthdays in 2 WEEKS!!! (Mother’s day)
So lets see. Really probably the weirdest week yet on my mission. As we were writing our letters last week, one of the Elders was like “We have something to tell you guys…” and we asked and asked but he was like “No we will tell you guys in the noche, we cant talk about it now.” So that was bizarre. Anyhow, as we were waiting for an investigator in a noche dehogar, the dad was like “Wow Elder Orange has transfers! He was only here for like 3 weeks!” And we were like whaat??. Crazy. But THEN the Elders found us and were like: “Hermanas. We are so sorry. But all of us need to pack our bags and we have to go to Guayaquil tomorrow morning. They are closing the Galapagos.” WHAT?? NO WAY.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. So anyways, we packed all of our suitcases and stuff and we flew to Guayaquil.  One of the Elders had cambios (transfers)and my companion as well (oh no.. so, so sad).
BUT THEN the next day we were crazily blessed and had one of the seventies (Elder Montoya) come speak to the people that were in Guayaquil. And then after, miraculously, they sent me back to the Galapagos.It has never happened before. But it was a bizarre week. My new companion is Hermana Reyes from Peru 3rd companion from Peru .
So anyways. I was pretty nervous coming back to the Islands, I didn’t know where we were going to find our Investigators and stuff ,but actually the Lord blessed us so so much and we had a bunch of people in sacrament meeting and we have 4 people preparing to be baptized on the 7th de Mayo and it was really cool.
As for the conference we had with Elder Montoya and Elder Torres,our mission President, who became a seventy at conference. It was AWESOME. I dunno how to quite describe it, but it rocked. The highlight: when he looked at the people that were finishing their missions and asked them how they felt about returning to real life and then pounded on the pulpit and said “THIS is real life. You CANNOT lower your standards because you are now more accountable to the Lord.”Chuzo. It kind of freaked me out. But it was super awesome, also. I also found out that Elder Rasband will visit Guayaquil in June and I will go back for that meeting.(I probably will be transferred by then)
We talked about the earthquake in our meeting. I saw a lot of damage in Guayaquil, including the bridge that collapsed.There is a lot to be done to help rebuild. There was another earthquake we felt while I was on the airplane ready to take off back to the Galapagos. CRAZY!
We had a U.S. family of 11 come to our church yesterday. They are touring the islands and they were all blonde. The mother took a picture of me and said she would email it to you. The ward members said”Hermana Brimley we cant find you there are too many blonde people here” and then they left and the members were like “Oh there you are Hermana!!”haha.
(Mary received this email this morning…what a treat to hear from someone who has seen Alex!)
“Sister Brimley,
Our family is vacationing in Galapagos, and when we went to church this morning we met the most adorable sister missionary. I thought maybe you would like a picture of her and a report–she’s working hard and she has such a cheerful countenance and is filled with love for the people she serves.”(The picture hasn’t come through yet. She was having trouble using the internet)


Kristin Kent and family

Wow Nicole is going to have her baby so soon and WHOO we get to talk so so soon! I am so pumped for that.  I love you guys! The church is great and I am feeling more than ever that the Lord WANTS to help us. We just need to be obedient. I have capitalized a lot of words in this letter. Sorry….

I cannot believe what happened

Hello family!

What a craaaazzzy week! Super crazy with the earthquake. I mean, I imagine it was pretty intense. At like 6 at night a lady from our ward called us, crying, telling us to book it to her house. We got there and saw all the newscasts of what was happening and then a few minutes later the assistants called us and told us to get into a taxi and go to the parte alta (which is prohibido for missionaries- so that was kind of crazy). Apparently everyone there felt the earthquake and a lot of people have lost their homes and have nothing.
We didn’t feel the earthquake here, though we still had to evacuate for the night and go into the mountains because they were worried about a tsunami. It was kind of odd because we just sat on a mountain with the Elders. But yeah, I cannot believe what happened in Esmeralda and Quito and stuff.  I know member’s houses that are no longer live able. People don’t have much and now their houses are gone. So sad.
I am pretty sure the only effects we will feel is possibly not getting imports here. Because all of the food every day comes from Guayaquil and so we might not get food for a while.
I think tomorrow we are going to do service…gathering clothes and stuff like that for the people that are out of their houses back in Ecuador. But pray for every one! It is good to hear that all the missionaries are safe, but still…like 350 deaths. Horrible.
As for other things in the week…not too much. It is pretty hard to baptize here in the Galapagos. Bueno, it isn’t impossible but it isn’t too easy. Back in Ecuador we have the 3 asistencias rule (they have to attend church 3 times before they can get baptized), but this week the Elders told us that here in the Galapagos, the only requisite to be baptized is they have to have the desire. Which rocks. So we should see a baptism this week.
Your question mom, do we go door to door?…no. We try and work mostly with referencias and stuff and just talk to people in the street, but when we go door to door knocking people think that we are Jehovah’s Witnesses. So no, we try and avoid that, and it isn’t really effective at all. Like we could do that all day and by the night be so tired and feel like we have done so much, but there wouldn’t be any success. When we work with references it is so much easier and better and more effective.
We are working really really hard and the Lord really is blessing us. Like it is the greatest blessing to be able to preach the gospel here and help the people.l I love the people here.The members take such good care of us. I had 4 parties last week celebrating my birthday. They baked cakes and gave me gifts. They share what they have with us. I left Pasaje thinking I wouldn’t love a sector more than Pasaje, but there are just amazing people wherever you go. WHOO ECUADOR.
Love you guys.

This week has been MIRACULOUS

Hello family!
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Seriously, turning 20 kind of blows, lets be honest. But it has been a good day. Also how much fun that you guys went to St. George, I want to go there and go on hikes and fun bike rides and stuff. Oh but Derek, I wanted to tell you…here in the Galápagos we don’t use bikes or cars or anything like that, we just ride the turtles. And then we eat them. And then we dress in them. Lol.
So this week has been MIRACULOUS. Seriously it has been incredible. Me and my companion are working our booties off (literally because we have been going running lately, ESO) and Heavenly Father has been blessing us so much. We went from having not much of a program (no one to teach or that had baptism date) to having 7 fechas! Whooo! This week. I don’t even know what happened, but it has been the best. I seriously love it here. The people are a lot harder, like they are very very Catholic. But they are so good. And the members are the best in the world. It is so sad that we only have the visa for such a short period of time here, I just want to spend the rest of my misión here. Oh dad, I wanted to tell you. This one convert was talking to me about Elder Humble (the son of your friend) and was just going on and on and on about how wonderful he was and I told them that you guys were friends and they were like, when you walked in our door I knew that you were going to be like Elder Humble. haha… what?, But it was nice. I love the people here.
As for questions…the wildlife? Tons of birds and lizards and sea lions and turtles. Super cute. But also there is still cockroaches so you win some and you lose some. Bananas are pretty expensive here BUT we have a friend who always gives us free bananas. But because it is so hot, the bananas go bad here pretty easily…like within an hour. She also gave me a few pairs of earrings, she is great. We have no communication with the rest of the misión. That is the downside to being here. In Ecuador you get to know all the gossip and where everyone is and stuff and in the islands you are so cut off. Grocery stores? Not really. Like the biggest store would be like…a gas station store? But no…thats too big. But you get the idea.
I’m having a fun birthday! A family made us lunch and sang with cake and stuff and after I finish writing we are going to another families house for something and then after that we are going to another family’s house and we have some fun plans throughout the week to celebrate. Like I said, the people here are the best.
Okay also….please tell me if there is something specific you guys are interested in from here. Like t shirts or mugs or key chains or bracelets or something for the house or yeah. Just let me know.
But I love you guys! Thank you for everything!! You know this is the third year in a row I haven’t been home for my birthday? But next year. I have faith.
Love you.
Hermana Brimley

The giant turtles are hilarious

Hello my sweet family,

Happy Conference! Wasn’t that just so amazing to hear from all of the apostles? And por lo menos, we got to hear from Presidente Monson for a little bit. AND OH MY GOODNESS WE ARE GETTING A TEMPLO IN QUITO!!!!! WHOOOO!!!!! Everyone here was crying. Myself included, lets be honest. And did anyone else hear that (drum roll please) my mission president was put in as a seventy? Whaaat? That is so cool and he is seriously the best and I bet that just secures our place as the best mission in the world.
Let me start by answering your questions. Yes my area is super super cool. I don’t know how I can describe it. It is just beautiful. Really hot. But so pretty. Members…we have an asistencia of like 90 people right now. Tons of tourists. And everyone is super confused as to why I am here, not touring the island.  There is food to eat.. it is just SUPER expensive. Like an apple is 1 dollar here. So we just don’t have very much money to buy food plus we don’t have a refridgerator/stove/microwave/oven in our apt. But it is all good. Our mamita feeds us a large lunch and I have a banana in the morning and some crackers at night. The giant turtles are hilarious. The place I live in well –I know there is worse. We have air conditioning so really what more can I ask for. My companion is 28 years old and she is from Peru.There is an age difference that is a little weird, but we get along. Transfers are always like that here in my mission. I am sure the Presidente had it planned that I would be transferred like the week before, but just didn’t tell me, because then I wouldn’t have been focused back in Pasaje.
This week was great. The islands are a little bit harder to work in.Tourism is a big part of what people do to earn money on the island. The people here work a lot of jobs that work on Sundays which means they can’t come to church, but with my companion we are working super super hard to find new people. And this week we were super blessed with putting a few new fechas. So we will work with them and then yeah. Oh my goodness I was dying with the talk that talked about…rescates (I don’t know how to say that in English). But it was like super machete for all the bishops and presidentes that don’t want to give a permission to baptize kids, just because they are kids. But like it is true, no, no one has the right to deny anyone a baptism. Super cool talk. And Elder Bednar’s talk and ah, oh my, Elder Holland. How funny was his talk? Like I have never seen anyone put a picture like that up in conference. It was in English here so no one understood the words in the photo, but I was dying.
Derek, Nicole, and Scott, your April fools joke was hilarious, I laughed hard.
I ate raw fish this week. RAW FISH straight up not cooked at all fish that our mamita gave us for lunch.
Next Monday I am 20 years old. Sometimes I feel like my body is like 65 years old. But at the same time I want to cry because I am so old. I don’t know what I will do. Did anyone else feel bad when they were leaving their teens? Or is that just me.
Anyways I love you guys! I love the church and wow how blessed are we that we got to listen to our prophet yesterday. That was awesome.
Love, Hermana Brimley

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