Hello my sweet family,

Happy Conference! Wasn’t that just so amazing to hear from all of the apostles? And por lo menos, we got to hear from Presidente Monson for a little bit. AND OH MY GOODNESS WE ARE GETTING A TEMPLO IN QUITO!!!!! WHOOOO!!!!! Everyone here was crying. Myself included, lets be honest. And did anyone else hear that (drum roll please) my mission president was put in as a seventy? Whaaat? That is so cool and he is seriously the best and I bet that just secures our place as the best mission in the world.
Let me start by answering your questions. Yes my area is super super cool. I don’t know how I can describe it. It is just beautiful. Really hot. But so pretty. Members…we have an asistencia of like 90 people right now. Tons of tourists. And everyone is super confused as to why I am here, not touring the island.  There is food to eat.. it is just SUPER expensive. Like an apple is 1 dollar here. So we just don’t have very much money to buy food plus we don’t have a refridgerator/stove/microwave/oven in our apt. But it is all good. Our mamita feeds us a large lunch and I have a banana in the morning and some crackers at night. The giant turtles are hilarious. The place I live in well –I know there is worse. We have air conditioning so really what more can I ask for. My companion is 28 years old and she is from Peru.There is an age difference that is a little weird, but we get along. Transfers are always like that here in my mission. I am sure the Presidente had it planned that I would be transferred like the week before, but just didn’t tell me, because then I wouldn’t have been focused back in Pasaje.
This week was great. The islands are a little bit harder to work in.Tourism is a big part of what people do to earn money on the island. The people here work a lot of jobs that work on Sundays which means they can’t come to church, but with my companion we are working super super hard to find new people. And this week we were super blessed with putting a few new fechas. So we will work with them and then yeah. Oh my goodness I was dying with the talk that talked about…rescates (I don’t know how to say that in English). But it was like super machete for all the bishops and presidentes that don’t want to give a permission to baptize kids, just because they are kids. But like it is true, no, no one has the right to deny anyone a baptism. Super cool talk. And Elder Bednar’s talk and ah, oh my, Elder Holland. How funny was his talk? Like I have never seen anyone put a picture like that up in conference. It was in English here so no one understood the words in the photo, but I was dying.
Derek, Nicole, and Scott, your April fools joke was hilarious, I laughed hard.
I ate raw fish this week. RAW FISH straight up not cooked at all fish that our mamita gave us for lunch.
Next Monday I am 20 years old. Sometimes I feel like my body is like 65 years old. But at the same time I want to cry because I am so old. I don’t know what I will do. Did anyone else feel bad when they were leaving their teens? Or is that just me.
Anyways I love you guys! I love the church and wow how blessed are we that we got to listen to our prophet yesterday. That was awesome.
Love, Hermana Brimley