Hello family!
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Seriously, turning 20 kind of blows, lets be honest. But it has been a good day. Also how much fun that you guys went to St. George, I want to go there and go on hikes and fun bike rides and stuff. Oh but Derek, I wanted to tell you…here in the Galápagos we don’t use bikes or cars or anything like that, we just ride the turtles. And then we eat them. And then we dress in them. Lol.
So this week has been MIRACULOUS. Seriously it has been incredible. Me and my companion are working our booties off (literally because we have been going running lately, ESO) and Heavenly Father has been blessing us so much. We went from having not much of a program (no one to teach or that had baptism date) to having 7 fechas! Whooo! This week. I don’t even know what happened, but it has been the best. I seriously love it here. The people are a lot harder, like they are very very Catholic. But they are so good. And the members are the best in the world. It is so sad that we only have the visa for such a short period of time here, I just want to spend the rest of my misión here. Oh dad, I wanted to tell you. This one convert was talking to me about Elder Humble (the son of your friend) and was just going on and on and on about how wonderful he was and I told them that you guys were friends and they were like, when you walked in our door I knew that you were going to be like Elder Humble. haha… what?, But it was nice. I love the people here.
As for questions…the wildlife? Tons of birds and lizards and sea lions and turtles. Super cute. But also there is still cockroaches so you win some and you lose some. Bananas are pretty expensive here BUT we have a friend who always gives us free bananas. But because it is so hot, the bananas go bad here pretty easily…like within an hour. She also gave me a few pairs of earrings, she is great. We have no communication with the rest of the misión. That is the downside to being here. In Ecuador you get to know all the gossip and where everyone is and stuff and in the islands you are so cut off. Grocery stores? Not really. Like the biggest store would be like…a gas station store? But no…thats too big. But you get the idea.
I’m having a fun birthday! A family made us lunch and sang with cake and stuff and after I finish writing we are going to another families house for something and then after that we are going to another family’s house and we have some fun plans throughout the week to celebrate. Like I said, the people here are the best.
Okay also….please tell me if there is something specific you guys are interested in from here. Like t shirts or mugs or key chains or bracelets or something for the house or yeah. Just let me know.
But I love you guys! Thank you for everything!! You know this is the third year in a row I haven’t been home for my birthday? But next year. I have faith.
Love you.
Hermana Brimley