Hello family!

What a craaaazzzy week! Super crazy with the earthquake. I mean, I imagine it was pretty intense. At like 6 at night a lady from our ward called us, crying, telling us to book it to her house. We got there and saw all the newscasts of what was happening and then a few minutes later the assistants called us and told us to get into a taxi and go to the parte alta (which is prohibido for missionaries- so that was kind of crazy). Apparently everyone there felt the earthquake and a lot of people have lost their homes and have nothing.
We didn’t feel the earthquake here, though we still had to evacuate for the night and go into the mountains because they were worried about a tsunami. It was kind of odd because we just sat on a mountain with the Elders. But yeah, I cannot believe what happened in Esmeralda and Quito and stuff.  I know member’s houses that are no longer live able. People don’t have much and now their houses are gone. So sad.
I am pretty sure the only effects we will feel is possibly not getting imports here. Because all of the food every day comes from Guayaquil and so we might not get food for a while.
I think tomorrow we are going to do service…gathering clothes and stuff like that for the people that are out of their houses back in Ecuador. But pray for every one! It is good to hear that all the missionaries are safe, but still…like 350 deaths. Horrible.
As for other things in the week…not too much. It is pretty hard to baptize here in the Galapagos. Bueno, it isn’t impossible but it isn’t too easy. Back in Ecuador we have the 3 asistencias rule (they have to attend church 3 times before they can get baptized), but this week the Elders told us that here in the Galapagos, the only requisite to be baptized is they have to have the desire. Which rocks. So we should see a baptism this week.
Your question mom, do we go door to door?…no. We try and work mostly with referencias and stuff and just talk to people in the street, but when we go door to door knocking people think that we are Jehovah’s Witnesses. So no, we try and avoid that, and it isn’t really effective at all. Like we could do that all day and by the night be so tired and feel like we have done so much, but there wouldn’t be any success. When we work with references it is so much easier and better and more effective.
We are working really really hard and the Lord really is blessing us. Like it is the greatest blessing to be able to preach the gospel here and help the people.l I love the people here.The members take such good care of us. I had 4 parties last week celebrating my birthday. They baked cakes and gave me gifts. They share what they have with us. I left Pasaje thinking I wouldn’t love a sector more than Pasaje, but there are just amazing people wherever you go. WHOO ECUADOR.
Love you guys.