What’s up family!

Sorry I didn’t write a big letter last week but I figured we had just talked and you guys wouldn’t want to hear much more from me. But also HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE!!!!!! What are you like 20 now? Actually, there are many many 20 year old women here with 3 kids so I wouldn’t even be surprised. But anyways I hope that you had a wonderful birthday (six days ago) and have a good year and I will see you next birthday WHOO.
So anyways. Yep! I am in Guayaquil. And, well, it is different than really any other place I have been. Is that a good thing? I am still not sure. But I will learn something, I assume. Let me share a little experience I had on Tuesday, my first real day back in Ecuador:
So we were walking back from our reunion de distrito with some of the Elders and Hermanas and we saw some lady drop a big bag full of carrots, so me and my companion went over to help her pick them up. Yeah, well, she started shouting at me and hitting me with this bag of carrots (which let me tell you, actually hurts) and then as we tried to escape she starting throwing all the carrots at me. Ugh. As we were walking away all the Elders were like “welcome to Guayaquil”.
On Wednesday we got a call from Presidente Torres that we needed to be in the office at like 9 for interviews. So we went, not really knowing why. Because that like never happens. But it was nice. Presidente talked to me about all my experiences and stuff. And then he asked me why he thought I was in Guayaquil, to which I responded “I really have no idea”: And he told me that he looked at the list of all the missionaries trying to figure out who should be with my comp right now (because she is REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY struggling) and he knew it was me. He said he wasn’t sure why, but no one else but me should be here. He told me how much more responsibility I will have, like senior companion, Hermana leader, and also that my work right now wasn’t with baptisms. That it would be great if I had investigators, but my job was like Nephi “bringing the plates back from Jerusalem”. Because my comp is at the point of like…condemning herself.(she is doubting the gospel and she has no support at home. President Torres is afraid that she will go inactive if she goes home.) And I need to help her. So after that he was like “How do you feel Hermana? Do you feel like you can do that?” To which I replied with my tears. Because I am really not sure.
But anyways, on Wednesday my companion and I were able to go to the temple and that was like the best experience in the world. Seriously the temple is literally heaven on Earth. We stayed in the celestial room for like 2 hours and man that was just the most wonderful thing in the world.
Other things….yeah leaving the Galapagos was heartbreaking. I sobbed. Embarrassing. It is really amazing, every sector I am in I feel like I couldn’t possibly love a place or a group of people more. That is, until I get to my next sector and somehow love it more. The mission is incredible that way. It is sad that I am not there, but I am here now! And the members are super awesome. The people are a little bit harder….one man literally said “that if God himself came down and told him that he needed to be baptized he would say no because he was going to die catholic”. But yeah. All good.
 I was wondering if you could send me some things haha. You know the oatmeal packets? Like the instant oatmeal? Could you send me those? (I think there is strawberry flavor…?) And also Parmesan cheese in the powder? And also Reese’s PB cups:) Is that too bratty to ask for?Oh and a Hymn prelude piano book. They have a piano here!That would be awesome awesome awesome. You are wonderful and I love you!
I have got to go. But if there is anything I can do for you, let me know. I wish I could do something for you guys. You guys are so wonderful and everyday I appreciate having a family like we do more and more. It really is such a blessing to have been born in the church and to be sealed together. I am very very blessed.
The mission is wonderful and I really am learning so much. SO much about forgetting myself and loving others. Putting the needs of others siempre in primer lugar. And more than anything, nothing makes a person happier than when you are working, especially when we are working side by side with the Lord.
Love you guys!!! Have a fabulous week.
Hermana Brimley