Hello family!

What’s up? Happy last week of school! That is fun. What else happened with you guys this week? Derek and Ali, your Europe photos are so incredible. You guys are super lucky.
This week…was good. It is an interesting transfer. But it is good. Me and my companion are working a little differently. We take it easy so we don’t overwhelm my companion, but are still able to do some work. I think she is feeling a bit better this week. I don’t want to stress her out or make her feel anxious. She is a really nice girl, just has some emotional issues. My plan is to lose myself in service to her which isn’t super easy, but I am learning more about the Atonement of Christ in this cambio than I have, I think, in all of my mission.I know with Heavenly Father’s help I can do this!
Guayaquil is just the best area in the world. Sadly, a lot of missionaries are going home.Their time is up. Watching a lot of my friends leave is hard. Also, what in the world… we can now wear pants? Lets be honest, here in the best mission in the world, I seriously doubt that we will be able to wear pants or sunglasses. Actually, I have a  story that illustrates that:
So we were in a leaders meeting and the zone leaders were in their suits and acted super super annoyed/upset with us. When we were all there, the zone leader was like “we have a new rule. At all times every Elder needs to be wearing their suit jacket.” The Elders were shocked. It is soooo hot here.The reasoning was that we need to look like disciples of Jesus Christ at ALL times. Anyways, it was so sad to watch all of the poor Elders. It was pretty believe able because we are constantly getting new rules. Like they just told us that we are not allowed to take out money from our own accounts.We can only use mission money. We just have to learn to be poor. But anyways, I doubt we will be wearing pants. At least until the new mission president comes. Oh and the Zone leaders decided not require the Elders to wear their jackets all the time.
What else…oh yeah. Like the most touching experience of my whole mission. So a member called us and asked us to go with her to a lady’s house, because it was her birthday and she wanted to bring her a cake. So we went with her and literally it was like the most heartbreaking thing. This lady, a member, is paralyzed from her neck down. She really can’t do anything for herself, except speak. And even that she has a hard time with. She has no family. But she pays a lady to bathe her and stuff. But we went to her house (on her birthday) and she was sitting in the middle of a pitch black room, by herself. Just sitting there. Ugh it was so sad. But she was so so so happy when we came. She just bawled. And man it just breaks my heart, like how many people are in situations like that? But anyways we made it our goal to visit her everyday now.
So yeah that was my week. As for questions. Guayaquil is an urban city with all the fun stuff that comes with that. It is too dangerous( it will get stolen) to have my camera out, so I will try and take pictures when I can. Yes, I wear bug spray but no I don’t have mosquito net. I’ll have to ask for that. What do people do for work? Like normal stuff. Work in offices,stores. It is sort of like America. I don’t have Zika and yes I will be careful!
Okay I love you guys! Have a fabulous week!
Love, Alex