Hello family!

Happy Memorial Day! What a fun day. I was reading the Old Testament today ( not super focused) thinking about how Nate and Anna would be out of school and it is summer there! That is so much fun. Here, the kids just entered into classes. Enjoy all your hikes and your fun weather, ya? I’m so excited about the fun home videos! That is such a good thing, that we have them all on a hard drive. Are they hilarious? I was so cute. ALSO can you guys believe that almost a year ago we were planning moms 50th birthday party? Time flies. ALSO everyone take a moment today to celebrate my 11 month anniversary.
Okay so this week. Might I just begin with saying we are teaching miracle investigators. Seriously. One of the men we are teaching called us last night while we were planning and he was like “Hermanas I just wanted to tell you that while I was listening to the talks in church, I received my answer. I know, without doubt, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church and I cannot wait for my baptism.” WHOOOO!!. This man travelled here from the North part of Ecuador, where the earthquake hit. His house was destroyed so he came here to find work. What a great man.
The other man we are teaching said in our first lesson yesterday that he knows he is going to be baptized. He doesn’t know why. But he said he knows he will be baptized in the church. So those are our miracles.
 Yesterday was Stake Conference and a member of the seventy came and spoke. Also, Presidente Torres was there and spoke since he is now a seventy. So actually it was like hearing from 140 (hahahaha). But it was awesome. All the missionaries sang at the meeting and a cute little boy gave me a flower to put in my hair.
Other things, other things. I have had a cold this week. That isn’t very interesting. But it is what it is. Sneezing every 12 seconds. It is kind of annoying.
Bueno, I think that is about it.  Oh one more thing..So we did a “Noche de Chicas” in the house of this one member. An activity with only relief society. And we invited Gigi (the lady that is paralyzed). The member lives on like the 4th floor, so we asked the Elders to help us get her up to the 4th floor. She was pretty scared  the whole time as the Elders struggled to carry her up. Because Gigi is not…well…exactly little. The Elders really did a great job and I’m glad we could get her out of the house and enjoy a night around friends.
Okay yeah I love you guys! Have a good week!
Love, Hermana Brimley