Hello Familia!

Wow what a crazy week. I learned so much. I feel like I could explode with all the new things I learned. What a blessing it was to hear from Elder Rasband. He is so cool. That probably isn’t like the most effective word to describe him but…yeah. He is so cool.

Anyways this week was like Christmas. Like I couldn’t even sleep at night because I was so excited. But on Friday night some Hermanas came from another part of Ecuador to come sleep in our apartment and on Saturday we had to be at the stake center at 7:30am (So naturally, all of Guayaquil South was there at 6:00). ElderRasband and his wife came and spoke to all of us. It was awesome. He talked a lot about the love that Presidente Monson has for us. He also talked about how we need to smile more and not be such robots. He also talked about  what it is like being in the room and choosing the mission that someone will serve. It was so cool hearing that. How they actually look at the missionary’s picture and assign them.
Then! As a surprise, after the conference ended, all of the missionaries got on a bus, went to another stake center and we had our last meeting with PresidenteTorres which was really sad. He is a wonderful man and will be an amazing seventy. It was so much fun being with all of the missionaries. We never ever ever ever, in the history of our mission, have gotten to do that. So it was super exciting.
OKKKAAAYYY. So what happened this week? Every week goes by quicker and quicker, and we have no time but then I think back on what I did and nothing really comes to mind. Luckily, that is what a journal is for. Unfortunately, I have been writing my journals en español lately so in a year, when I forget Spanish, that wont really work. Jk. Never gonna forget.
But anyways, I digress. We are really working on finding new investigators and this week we found some! Whoo! People that can actually (thankfully) progress. Aka they are married and not (complete) drug addicts. Just a little bit catholic. But no worries, that’s nothing that some good solid doctrine can’t solve. Am-I-Right?
Our investigator Luis is progressing wonderfully. Except for sometimes I feel like he accepts things TOO easily. Wow, my life is hard. But seriously, we could be like “Luis, part of the doctrine of the church is that we have to cut out rice from our diet” and he’d be like “Okay, Hermanitas.” Like he doesn’t have any problems with the Word of Wisdom but he is trying to cut cola out of his diet. He just wants to be super super prepared for his baptism. A real miracle.
What else? Oh yeah. A bit of drama, if you’d like to hear. So this member(older man) from one of my old areas got ahold of my email and emailed me last week. As that is totally not allowed, I decided to tell the ZLs just to make sure I was all good. Anyways, the ZL called the assistant, he called me, and then they actually went to my old area (like 5 hours away) to “destroy him”. So there you go, that is what I get for opening my dang mouth. (I asked what destroyed meant and they said don’t worry about it.)
My companion is doing better. We are doing better. We have been working a lot with Gigi, the lady in the wheelchair, and I think that helps. You know, forget yourself and serve. Yeah, well it is impossible to think about yourself when someone is so helpless. Like the problems we have seem really small compared to that. So service!Whoo!
Oh, crazy thing! They closed down all of the Galapagos Islands for everyone. I am not sure why. But that is pretty sad.
Dad…. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY ON SUNDAY!!!!! I wish we could talk again like we did on mother’s day.  Dad I want you to know that you are the best dad ever. I could not have asked for a more wonderful father. Thank you for all your patience and your jokes and for providing for us for all of these years. You are the best.
OKay I love you guys! Have a fabulous week. Read your scriptures every day and say your prayers AS A FAMILY. Mom. I love you. Happy birthday.
Love, Hermana Brimley