Hey family!

So to start, lo siento!(sorry) I don’t have very much time today because…..CAMBIOS.(transfers) The worst part about the mission. But that is okay. I didn’t think I would like Guayaquil, but I love it here and sad to leave. It is like I have said before, every cambio(transfer) is harder.I am worried about leaving my companion. We have done well and she has improved so much, but I have faith and I will go where the Lord wants to sends me.

Highlights of the week: We had two baptisms! Luis and Ivan. They are so so so awesome. Like more active than most of the members. Already have gone to the temple and are going to receive callings this week. So cute I am so happy for them. And the baptism was awesome. Normally in baptisms here, there are like 8 people (maybe) but we tried to make the baptism service awesome enough that like 85 people came. So many investigators and stuff it was great. And they were happy. And I learned how to make Arroz con Pollo and it was delicious. So that was good.

okay we just received a call and need to go to the office. I will try and write a little bit later.

Okay hello I am online right now. Yes, I have cambios, but I am now not sure what time I will travel. The place I am going is really cool. It is called Zamora. It is in the jungle (it is the only part of the amazon in the mission) and it has been my dream to go there but Hermanas rarely get to go so I am super excited.  There are monkeys and waterfalls and it is supposed to be just beautiful. I will definitely use my mosquito net.They also told me I will be Hermana Leader which is fun. I have done that before but this Zone is much bigger. So it will be interesting.

What else? Right now I am in the office. It is our President’s last day but he already left.The new mission president arrives tomorrow.I am just sitting here with the Elders waiting for my companion to….feel better. My new Companion has been out 5 months and is from Peru.

Happy Birthday Dad! I just want to take a moment and thank you for everything. I can never really truly express to you how grateful I am. And probably I will never understand really how much you have done for me in my life. Raising me, paying for all of my many, many, many lessons in piano and violin. Playing and coaching soccer with me. Going to all of my concerts. Putting up with my horrible teenage years (aren’t we glad those are over), supporting me in college, letting (and providing for me) to go on a mission. But more than anything else, thank you for teaching me the gospel! I can’t imagine it was easy. Actually, I know it wasn’t. Getting up at 5:30am and dragging us all to do scripture study, family home evenings, family prayer.Always going to church and doing your callings. You are such a great example of Christ. With your patience and your love. Dad, I just want to be like you.

I hope you have the happiest birthday ever! I cannot believe it is your birthday again. That means I have been out here for one year. Crazy! But I love you so so so much and I am so excited to see you again, but so happy to be out here serving.

Love you dad!

Okay yeah that is about it. I should be traveling tonight (Loja is like 10 hours away and then  Zamora is like 2 hours from Loja) so it should be an interesting night.

Love you guys.