How is everyone’s summer going? Sounds like everyone enjoyed their Father’s day. Happy 30th Anniversary Mom and Dad! Happy 61st Anniversary grandma and grandpa!

What a fun week this was! Mom, I think you saw the pictures, but we had an activity” como obra misional “and it was so much fun. We played minute to win it games. I forgot how fun social events are. And at the end of the activity, the investigators there bore their testimonies and shared their feelings about the church and it was so touching. Both people that shared talked about how grateful they were for my companion and I. Not like I am here to be praised or anything, but it’s really nice to know that what we are doing ACTUALLY is helping people.

ALSO WHOOO ESTADOS UNIDOS!!!!!!! People here were not happy the day after the game,(US VS Ecuador in soccer) but yeah. I think God was actually helping the United States because I had a lot riding on that game; a cake, a pizza, tacos, and (mas importante) the asistencia of 4 investigators in church on Sunday. So good job U.S.A.

Also, I am doing my personal progress Faith project (planting and taking care of a seed) but I am making the…what’s that called? Like the square that the plant goes into. Bueno, the plant-holder thing. But it has turned into a competencia with my zone leader and I have never been so dedicated. I always think “what would Garrett do?” But it is going to be great. And I have the seeds all ready from a chile plant so I am really learning a lot about Faith.

What else? Well, we have two baptisms this week. Ivan and Luis.WHOOO!! They are both super super awesome. Like Luis wants to follow the word of wisdom so exactly that he is trying to drop the cola. We keep telling that he is fine and can drink cola,pero bueno. He really wants to do it well. And Ivan is great. So yeah.

Questions: Presidente Torres leaves…in like a week I believe. It will be interesting to see what changes. My companion is…better. I don’t really know what to do for her except to just be super patient and like calm all the time. But we are doing better. Yes, we have a mamita. She cooks lunch for us but no doesn’t do laundry. That is what a kitchen sink is for, right?

Okay I love you guys! Have a great week!

Hermana Brimley