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July 2016

It is super SUPER Catholic


Sorry I am writing a little bit earlier today but with this new mission president, the rules are changing a little bit. As in…the are taking away rules. 😓 So anyways right now, my companion and I are writing AT THE SAME TIME. Normally what you have to do is write one by one while the other sits and watches your computer screen, making sure you aren’t sinning. Not that big of a deal, but now it’s practically like we get another hour of P-day because we only take 1 hour for writing, opposed to the two hours we used before. Other things…we can now do service! In pants! Whoo! A few other ones, but the funniest? It is now actually a RULE that you have to get your booty out of bed at 6:00am and have to run for 30 minutes outside of your apartment. I am happy about it. The Latins…not so much.

So this week was kind of weird. We did an intercambio with the hermanas in Loja and so I went to Loja (like two hours away) and my companion stayed here. Normally intercambios last one day but the day we were supposed to go back to Zamora there was a derrumba (I am not sure what that is in english). Like part of the mountain fell and blocked all cars going in and out of Zamora. So I stayed in FREEZING COLD Loja for another few days. But it was fun. It was fun to mix it up a little bit. It is super SUPER Catholic in Loja, though. They honor a virgin called “La Reina del Cisne which is like the madre maria who came down during a war jumped on a horse with her, long curly hair flowing behind here, and saved all of the people. So they love this virgin and they say she is coming back pretty soon. So people are like walking on their knees for days just to honor her and on the day she comes…August 26th or something people start throwing rocks and trying to burn down our church. So pray for me NOT to be in Loja for those days. Sorry this was boring. But just a little Ecuatoriana historia for you guys.
On Sunday our president of the rama(ward) didn’t come so one of the Elders was directing the church and a lady came up to give her discurso and she began it with “I am not going to tell you how, if it was a heart attack or I died, but yesterday I learned that the spirit world exists.” When she said that all of the missionaries just bowed our heads in fervent oracion that she wouldn’t go into depth about this dream. Because justamente, the week anterior the man who gave the talk pretty much condemned us all and himself by telling everyone is temple name and a bunch of other stuff. Ugh. But yeah the lady continued with all this revelation she had received from God. After she finished the Elder got up and was like “well…thank you for your talk. Though, we can’t technically support what you said.”
I assume you guys are doing well! SCOTT THAT IS CRAZY AWESOME ABOUT YOU MCAT SCORES. Nate and Anna, enjoy your camps and EFYs. I imagine all the political conventions right now are pretty crazy. But I love you guys! Have a fun time in your fun summer. Happy Birthday on Sunday to Grandpa! (And to Harry Potter).
Love, Hermana Brimley

We are working our booties off

Hello familia!

Wow what a week you guys had. St. George sounded fun. I can’t believe you are doing such fun hikes and stuff now that I am gone! But that is okay. We will do Havasupai when I get back! I am sorry that it was very hot. But it looks very pretty and all of you look a lot skinnier at the end of the hike. So good work.

Anyways this week. What happened. We are just looking for new people to teach. We had a nice activity of Jeopardy this week with investigators and it was fun! And the church was good we had a better asistencia. The week before there was like 13 people in the church. This week there was a bunch more so that was good.
Yesterday with a menos activo, we made humitas with the Elders. It was fun.

Well I know you guys are going to be mad but I am just going to end my letter here. I swear we are working our booties off trying trying to find people to teach and stuff and the Lord really is blessing us. I am learning a lot about doing things for the people here because I actually love them and understand the atonement and not just because I need numbers or my leaders will get mad at me. And when I do the things that I do for love rather than fear that is when I am enjoying the mission and being the most effective missionary I can be. So that is good.

Answers to your questions:
1-My companion is super awesome! I like her a lot. She has been out for 4 months and is from Peru. She doesn’t speak a lot to the people so I end up talking a lot.

2-How do you grocery shop? There are like little tiendas. Like….smaller than a gas station grocery store. That you can’t enter because it is gated. haha But mostly I just buy fruit

3-What do you do as Sister Leader? I do intercambios(interviews) with the other hermanas and get to know their investigators. I speak in all the district meetings and zone meetings. yeah it is fun. I have to talk a lot but it’s all good. ometimes I get tired of hearing my own voice.
And pretty soon I will I go to Guayaquil for a training meeting with the president.
I Love you guys. Hope you are enjoying your hot summer. The rain here is nice.

Zamora is awesome

Hello family!

Okay I just sent a bunch a pictures. Sorry I haven’t sent them in forever, I let one of my old companions borrow my camera to pass some old photos and she lost the cable and then she had transfers and so today I had to buy a new one. So there we go.

But how is everyone? I cannot believe we are like practically half-way through July. Summer is practically over! But it sounds like it was a very successful week for you guys. A good fourth of July. Grandma’s birthday Celebration and Jerem’s farewell. Happy Birthday Grandma! Hope you had a great Day. Jerem- mission’s are awesome.Good luck this week, you will be awesome..

That picture I sent? With the batman and american flag painted? Yeah I MADE THAT. With my own bare hands. Carved the wood, nailed it together, painted it. And am currently growing a plant in it. It was my faith project, But yeah, I celebrated the fourth of July by painting that flag. So…yeah.

Okay what has happened this week. We are just trying to find people to teach. Man, I am not going to lie. Zamora is awesome. It is really pretty and stuff but it is so hard. Like here in my mission we have two types of places you can go. The coast or the sierra (like the mountains). I have pretty much always been on the coast. The coast is great because people are super open and happy. The challenge is that no one is married and every drinks and loves parties. The sierra is cool because every is married and religious, but tough because they are all catholic. Bueno, I am in the only jungle sector in the mission and it is a good mix of coast and sierra. Every loves to party and drink and no one is married, but they are all catholic and no one wants to listen. But nevertheless, I know that there are people here prepared and ready and stuff. We actually found these two black guys that came to church on Sunday. And we have a few others preparing for baptism. But anywho.

As for your questions, mother: Yes, I feel safe. I am healthy. The mosquitos aren’t too bad. Just take a bath in repellent every morning and I am good to go. Most people work in the field here. We walk around a lot but also sometimes the bus. Houses…some people have like tiled floors, some people it is just dirt floors with the sheet metal walls. It just depends. Stores? No. It is kind of like the Galapagos where there aren’t any stores. Just people selling stuff on the street. I am not sure how long I will be here. I imagine for awhile.

But everything is good! We have an activity this week como Obra Misional. Hopefully that goes well.

Okay I love you guys! I hope you have a lovely summer. Ya mismo you guys are going back to school. Hahah. Chuzo.

Love, Hermana Brimley

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!

I can’t believe it is the fourth of july again. Time is FLYING. But seriously. My district leader yesterday said to my companion (from Peru) and to his companion “Tomorrow I dont want to hear the word “Peru” nor the word “Ecuador”. Tomorrow is our day.” So happy fourth of July. It has been a good day. But how are you guys? Sounds like everyone is having a busy summer. I hope Uncle Glenn is doing better. Oh, and Rose was blessed! Aww. Cute babies.

So yeah this week. It is kind of bizarre being here in Zamora. Either Presidente Torres hates me a lot or trusts me a lot because, besides from the Galapagos, Zamora is the farthest out from the mission. It is way high up in the mountains like 15 hours away from Guayaquil. My heavens it is freeezzzziiiinnng here. Maybe I am just super used to the heat but I cant even handle the cold anymore. In the nights I am putting on like 4 shirts and sweaters and am still cold. But it is what it is.

It is a super cool place though. There are tons of waterfalls and monkeys and…well cockroaches tambien. That isn’t that cool. The rama I am in is probably the most stressful thing ever. There is an assistence of like 20 people. THe missionary’s have to kind of do everything. I think there are like 3 priesthood holders in the rama and one of them got up in testimony meetings and yelled at everyone from the pulpit that they would be condemned and it didnt matter what we did we would all be burning in hell soon. That was great for the investigators.

Oh, yes! My new president did arrive on Tuesday. He came to visit us on Friday. Bueno, he came to Loja. WHich is like two hours away. So on thursday we traveled to Loja and had a meeting with him and his family on Friday. He is really really nice. Very humble. From Colombia.

What else? As for your questions mom, the area is in the mountains so we are always walking up and down hills aka my booty kills. But there are also like pueblos that we visit that are a few hours away. Pretty poor. Trying to find people to teach, but they are all really catholic and kind of not interested at all. But there we go. We keep moving forward.

Nah but really it is such a blessing to be here in Zamora. Everyone wants to come here and I dont know how I got to be so blessed.

I hope you guys are doing super well! I love you a lot and miss you a lot. Everyone that asks me how much time I have now  always responds “Oh, le falta poquito.” Nooooo!!! I miss you guys like crazy and love America but man this experience is the best in the world and I know there is nothing more important I could be doing.

Love you guys!

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