Hello family!

Okay I just sent a bunch a pictures. Sorry I haven’t sent them in forever, I let one of my old companions borrow my camera to pass some old photos and she lost the cable and then she had transfers and so today I had to buy a new one. So there we go.

But how is everyone? I cannot believe we are like practically half-way through July. Summer is practically over! But it sounds like it was a very successful week for you guys. A good fourth of July. Grandma’s birthday Celebration and Jerem’s farewell. Happy Birthday Grandma! Hope you had a great Day. Jerem- mission’s are awesome.Good luck this week, you will be awesome..

That picture I sent? With the batman and american flag painted? Yeah I MADE THAT. With my own bare hands. Carved the wood, nailed it together, painted it. And am currently growing a plant in it. It was my faith project, But yeah, I celebrated the fourth of July by painting that flag. So…yeah.

Okay what has happened this week. We are just trying to find people to teach. Man, I am not going to lie. Zamora is awesome. It is really pretty and stuff but it is so hard. Like here in my mission we have two types of places you can go. The coast or the sierra (like the mountains). I have pretty much always been on the coast. The coast is great because people are super open and happy. The challenge is that no one is married and every drinks and loves parties. The sierra is cool because every is married and religious, but tough because they are all catholic. Bueno, I am in the only jungle sector in the mission and it is a good mix of coast and sierra. Every loves to party and drink and no one is married, but they are all catholic and no one wants to listen. But nevertheless, I know that there are people here prepared and ready and stuff. We actually found these two black guys that came to church on Sunday. And we have a few others preparing for baptism. But anywho.

As for your questions, mother: Yes, I feel safe. I am healthy. The mosquitos aren’t too bad. Just take a bath in repellent every morning and I am good to go. Most people work in the field here. We walk around a lot but also sometimes the bus. Houses…some people have like tiled floors, some people it is just dirt floors with the sheet metal walls. It just depends. Stores? No. It is kind of like the Galapagos where there aren’t any stores. Just people selling stuff on the street. I am not sure how long I will be here. I imagine for awhile.

But everything is good! We have an activity this week como Obra Misional. Hopefully that goes well.

Okay I love you guys! I hope you have a lovely summer. Ya mismo you guys are going back to school. Hahah. Chuzo.

Love, Hermana Brimley