Hello familia!

Wow what a week you guys had. St. George sounded fun. I can’t believe you are doing such fun hikes and stuff now that I am gone! But that is okay. We will do Havasupai when I get back! I am sorry that it was very hot. But it looks very pretty and all of you look a lot skinnier at the end of the hike. So good work.

Anyways this week. What happened. We are just looking for new people to teach. We had a nice activity of Jeopardy this week with investigators and it was fun! And the church was good we had a better asistencia. The week before there was like 13 people in the church. This week there was a bunch more so that was good.
Yesterday with a menos activo, we made humitas with the Elders. It was fun.

Well I know you guys are going to be mad but I am just going to end my letter here. I swear we are working our booties off trying trying to find people to teach and stuff and the Lord really is blessing us. I am learning a lot about doing things for the people here because I actually love them and understand the atonement and not just because I need numbers or my leaders will get mad at me. And when I do the things that I do for love rather than fear that is when I am enjoying the mission and being the most effective missionary I can be. So that is good.

Answers to your questions:
1-My companion is super awesome! I like her a lot. She has been out for 4 months and is from Peru. She doesn’t speak a lot to the people so I end up talking a lot.

2-How do you grocery shop? There are like little tiendas. Like….smaller than a gas station grocery store. That you can’t enter because it is gated. haha But mostly I just buy fruit

3-What do you do as Sister Leader? I do intercambios(interviews) with the other hermanas and get to know their investigators. I speak in all the district meetings and zone meetings. yeah it is fun. I have to talk a lot but it’s all good. ometimes I get tired of hearing my own voice.
And pretty soon I will I go to Guayaquil for a training meeting with the president.
I Love you guys. Hope you are enjoying your hot summer. The rain here is nice.