Sorry I am writing a little bit earlier today but with this new mission president, the rules are changing a little bit. As in…the are taking away rules. 😓 So anyways right now, my companion and I are writing AT THE SAME TIME. Normally what you have to do is write one by one while the other sits and watches your computer screen, making sure you aren’t sinning. Not that big of a deal, but now it’s practically like we get another hour of P-day because we only take 1 hour for writing, opposed to the two hours we used before. Other things…we can now do service! In pants! Whoo! A few other ones, but the funniest? It is now actually a RULE that you have to get your booty out of bed at 6:00am and have to run for 30 minutes outside of your apartment. I am happy about it. The Latins…not so much.

So this week was kind of weird. We did an intercambio with the hermanas in Loja and so I went to Loja (like two hours away) and my companion stayed here. Normally intercambios last one day but the day we were supposed to go back to Zamora there was a derrumba (I am not sure what that is in english). Like part of the mountain fell and blocked all cars going in and out of Zamora. So I stayed in FREEZING COLD Loja for another few days. But it was fun. It was fun to mix it up a little bit. It is super SUPER Catholic in Loja, though. They honor a virgin called “La Reina del Cisne which is like the madre maria who came down during a war jumped on a horse with her, long curly hair flowing behind here, and saved all of the people. So they love this virgin and they say she is coming back pretty soon. So people are like walking on their knees for days just to honor her and on the day she comes…August 26th or something people start throwing rocks and trying to burn down our church. So pray for me NOT to be in Loja for those days. Sorry this was boring. But just a little Ecuatoriana historia for you guys.
On Sunday our president of the rama(ward) didn’t come so one of the Elders was directing the church and a lady came up to give her discurso and she began it with “I am not going to tell you how, if it was a heart attack or I died, but yesterday I learned that the spirit world exists.” When she said that all of the missionaries just bowed our heads in fervent oracion that she wouldn’t go into depth about this dream. Because justamente, the week anterior the man who gave the talk pretty much condemned us all and himself by telling everyone is temple name and a bunch of other stuff. Ugh. But yeah the lady continued with all this revelation she had received from God. After she finished the Elder got up and was like “well…thank you for your talk. Though, we can’t technically support what you said.”
I assume you guys are doing well! SCOTT THAT IS CRAZY AWESOME ABOUT YOU MCAT SCORES. Nate and Anna, enjoy your camps and EFYs. I imagine all the political conventions right now are pretty crazy. But I love you guys! Have a fun time in your fun summer. Happy Birthday on Sunday to Grandpa! (And to Harry Potter).
Love, Hermana Brimley