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August 2016

It was like the best Sunday ever


SYDNI IS ENGAGED WHAT IN THE WORLD THAT IS SO CRAZY! But I am so happy for her and I know that Nate must be a nice guy and wow I can’t believe I am literally coming home 2 weeks after the wedding. That is interesting. Very interesting that they are sending me home that day. Like 5 days after Christmas…But it is okay! Let’s just wait and have christmas with me!

So wow what an eventful week for you guys! It sounds like everything broke down. I am sorry about that. But the new TV is beautiful. And oh my goodness I had forgotten what our house looks like. It is a mansion. We have been house hunting a little bit, because our house is full of mold. But as for now, we are still stuck there. All good, all good.
Yesterday, we were cleaning out this lady’s house and we found this tiny little kitty. Like 3 days old. It hadn’t eaten at all because its’ mom had abandoned it. We asked what she was going to do with it and she said she would probably throw it in a river.  So anyways I scooped it up in my jacket and we bottle fed the cat and now we are looking for a home for it. I don’t even like cats but man I felt bad for it. And the lady that was going to kill it…well she is going to be baptized soon. So we will be teaching a little more about the compassion.


Also another fun thing: On Wednesday me and my companion got totally lost. Unbelievably lost. Like we were walking around in the jungle for 3 hours trying to find a out way. Eventually we got it, though. So that was good. OH GUESS WHAT. We had an asistencia of 50 people on Sunday! It was so fantastic! It was like the best Sunday ever. Everyone even came to give their talks and it was so like perfect.

Everything else is good. The investigators are all good. A little lazy. It’s tough here because when people have to work on Sunday, like they just have to work. There isn’t another option because if they don’t work, they don’t eat. But it’s all good, I am 100% sure that the Lord will help them. Like we just need to always put our trust in the Lord and he will help us. That is what I have been learning lately. Obedience. But not to be obedient to avoid a punishment, but rather because I love the Lord and I know obedience to his commandments will actually HELP me. Not prevent me from being happy.

The weather is hot for like 20 minutes and that it starts raining and then it gets cold. The weather is crazy here. We went to Loja this week but not too much traveling. Which is good because my companion gets way sick. I think we will have to go to Guayaquil this next week. Or the next week I am not sure. And yes we get along super well. I really love her.

So anyways. SYDNI IS ENGAGED WHOOOOO!!!!!!! And parents are all good and healthy after the colon checks. Nice. Kids have all started school. Good work, guys. Scott is killing it with 4 dang medical school interviews…are you kidding???? Ali is now a university professor so wow. Nicole is (literally) running her booty off. Every one sounds really really awesome at home. I am so happy for you guys! And sydni is engaged.

I love you guys! I hope you have the best week.

Hermana Brimley


He started preaching to his own church what he learned in our pamphlet


How is everyone?? It sounds like you guys had a fun last week of summer. I am jealous. I want to go camping! And hiking! That sounds fun. But school will be fun and fall is just the absolute best in Utah. We have a noche de hogar (FHE) later tonight and I suggested that we make pumpkin cookies instead of snickerdoodles and every one laughed at me. I am not sure why, I thought they sounded good. But enjoy your fun fall season.

This week was good. We had interviews with Presidente and Hermana Moreno. It was so so good. They are so wonderful. We talked a lot about the specific problems that we have in Zamora. Which are a lot so my interview was super long. The told me that the biggest problem we are seeing in the mission is the galapagos (they are struggling back there) and then following it is Zamora. So whoo. But it is okay, we are working really hard with the members trying to train them and teach them and stuff.

We have found some super awesome investigators. We actually gave one man a pamphlet and then went back to verify his lecture (address) and turns out he had started preaching to his own church about what he learned in the pamphlet. And he wants us to come to the church and explain everything…I am not sure if that is actually allowed but COOL!

Also. A miracle. We were walking down the street and we saw these gringos and my companion was like “wow those people are the most Mormon looking people in the world” and then we hear “SISTERS!!” And wow! They are LDS and they are from Idaho and will be staying until December. 5 new members whooo!

Another miracle. Last Sunday we went to go get an investigator from her house to go to church and her face was just totally burned..a pressure cooker (of rice of course) exploded in her face. So horrible. She was in so much pain that she said she wanted to kill herself. So we called the elders to give a blessing and in the blessing he said “tomorrow you will wake up like nothing had happened” So last Monday we went to go see her (the day after the blessing) and seriously it was like nothing had happened. Her face was totally normal looking and she wasn’t in pain or anything. A miracle.

Other things. We went to Loja on Saturday for our zone meeting. Man. The Virgin came.The Catholic holiday called Virgen de El Cisne  It was nuts. There were thousands of people walking on their knees to worship her (A statue of the virgin that is carried hundreds of miles pilgrimage and people throwing money and their clothes at her. Just doing all this crazy stuff. And now they are just having parties for her until like the middle of September. It’s rough.   We ended up getting stuck there for the day because of all the people and it is too crazy to go out. We were not allowed to wear our mission name tags. Luckily I brought phase 10, so it was fun.

Other things…having an American companion rocks. We just make salads and go running and that is just something the Latinas would not do. So it has been fun.

We played soccer and volleyball for P-day with our district today (aka us and the elders here in Zamora). But it was so fun I miss sports so much. But also my arms are all bruised because the Ecuatorianos play volleyball with practically a rock. Either way it was fun.

How are the Olympics going? Our mamita is always watching. But since technically we aren’t allowed to, we just stand up and sing the national anthem when America wins. Which seems to be always. Nice.

Have a super great week, all!  I love the church and I love being here in Zamora. i love you guys so much!

Hermana Brimley

So this week was fun!

Hello familia!

What a week you guys have had. The kids at EFY and being at home alone. But that sounds fun. What in the world why are you going to Disneyland in October, why wouldn’t you wait for me? It’s fine we can just go to Rome and I will feel better. Actually, I have a pal here on the mission that worked at Universal studios before the mission and he can get me into all of that stuff for free now. So the mission really is a blessing.
So this week was fun! On Monday we had cambios.(transfers) My new companion is Hermana Steffen…from the United States–California and has been out for 6 months. I am like so happy to have a gringa, my first on the mission. It is so much fun. She will run with me every morning. Though it isn’t easy to not speak English. So on Monday we had cambios but then we just stayed in Guayaquil because on Wednesday we had consejo de lideres (leadership council). Which was awesome. What was not awesome was the lack of clothing I had. But luckily Hermana Moreno (the President’s wife) bought me garments. So that was nice. Oh and consejo de lideres was AWESOME. It was so much fun to be with all the missionaries and stuff. And we have got some new rules! We can eat vegetables and fruits now! We can play sports! We can listen to EFY music! We can do service! We painted a house this week which was so awesome. We can wear pants!  It was so much fun.
A funny story: so Hermana Moreno was talking about how missionaries are gaining so much weight that they are having knee problems and back problems and can’t work and stuff so we need to start watching our diets. No cola in the mañana and cutting out intake of rice and stuff. She finishes, and they bring in a whole pizza from pizza hut for every person. Delicious. But yeah, we are going on a mission diet.
Another funny story: I was ask to talk about the challenges we have in our zone and in Loja and Zamora and so I talked about our bad asistencia at church (yesterday we started with 6 people attending) and how there is just full apostasia here. Like people who aren’t members wearing garments or blessing their food with the sacrament prayer and ending the sacrament meeting with a prayer on their knees and doing the cross action. Anyways, I said that and when I finished the whole consejo (counsel) like exploded with laughter. (That didn’t sound that funny writing it.)
So yeah. That night we traveled back to a city called Cuenca. Slept there, then on Friday we went back to Loja and then from Loja me and my companion came to Zamora. And now we are here. But tomorrow we have to go back to Loja for interviews with President and then on Wednesday go back again for a conferencia and then on Saturday AGAIN. So I am broke and kind of tired of traveling. But I love hearing from our President and his wife. They are so wise and humble and just want the best for us. Presidente has given me so much more to do as Sister leader…it is keeping me so busy. The Presidente and his wife has every one in the mission changing houses because they want us to live comfortably and happily. Not with cockroaches or without lights, water or with the cats. They are so awesome.
Okay I hope you guys are doing well, enjoying your fun summer and all of my sobrinos.(Jack, lizzie and Rose) I love you guys so much! I love the church so much. I am so so so happy to be here, to be a missionary. To get to talk about the church all the time and help people here in Zamora. Even when things are the worst, I am still so happy. I love the mission! I love you guys!
Love, Hermana Brimley

So this has been a bizarre week

Hello family!

DSCN2091[1] So this has been a bizarre week. So on Thursday the secretario called me and said that me and my companion need to travel to Guayaquil to renovate my visa (it had expired). So we were like…chuso…because from Zamora to Guayaquil it is like 15 hours. But we left and we got to Guayaquil at 6 in the morning.  We went and renovated my visa at 10am and then my companion said to the nurse that her knee was hurting a bit. So, we took advantage of being in Guayaquil and went to the hospital. Yeah, we were there the whole day getting scans and stuff and it ended up that they put a cast on her whole leg.
So we slept in Guayaquil that night (and we didn’t have any clothes or anything to shower with because we weren’t expecting to stay there). The next day I got permission to go to my old sector Huancavilca and visit everyone and it was the best day of my life. Seeing all of the members and converts. Like 5 of my investigators got baptized and it was so so awesome. My favorite convert, Ivan was in a white shirt and tie and he is getting a calling as Mission Leader. And the family Zamora. So awesome.
Yeah, so right now we are still in Guayaquil but I’ve been keeping busy by going on divisions with another Hermana.

My companion has transfers, she is staying here in Guayaquil(to be closer to her doctors) and I am going to pick up my new companion to go back to Zamora. Which means yayayaya traveling all night.(I am so tired of traveling) And we might have to come back to Guayaquil on Wednesday to bring my old companion her things. I may go crazy.
How are you guys? I imagine that you guys are so well that you forgot to write me. hmmm mmm. But no seriously, I hope every one is super super happy and enjoying the summer! Happy birthday Grandpa and Harry Potter. I celebrated by going to 9 hours of church and learning how to play the guitar. It was fun.
Questions for Alex: What is like in Zomora?
Landscape: mountains. It is like we are hiking always. My bum is almost always sore.

Homes: Right now pretty poor. Like made out of old wood that is rotting and stuff. But some houses are pretty.

Weather: Rainy! It rains like every hour and so we walk around with umbrellas. Nothing dries because of the humidity.

I like being a sister leader. It is fun and stuff. I feel a little more pressure to have numbers and stuff but it is a good motivation and learning experience. Someone this week called me “Juana la bautista”

I love you guys!
Love, Hermana Brimley

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