Hello family!

DSCN2091[1] So this has been a bizarre week. So on Thursday the secretario called me and said that me and my companion need to travel to Guayaquil to renovate my visa (it had expired). So we were like…chuso…because from Zamora to Guayaquil it is like 15 hours. But we left and we got to Guayaquil at 6 in the morning.  We went and renovated my visa at 10am and then my companion said to the nurse that her knee was hurting a bit. So, we took advantage of being in Guayaquil and went to the hospital. Yeah, we were there the whole day getting scans and stuff and it ended up that they put a cast on her whole leg.
So we slept in Guayaquil that night (and we didn’t have any clothes or anything to shower with because we weren’t expecting to stay there). The next day I got permission to go to my old sector Huancavilca and visit everyone and it was the best day of my life. Seeing all of the members and converts. Like 5 of my investigators got baptized and it was so so awesome. My favorite convert, Ivan was in a white shirt and tie and he is getting a calling as Mission Leader. And the family Zamora. So awesome.
Yeah, so right now we are still in Guayaquil but I’ve been keeping busy by going on divisions with another Hermana.

My companion has transfers, she is staying here in Guayaquil(to be closer to her doctors) and I am going to pick up my new companion to go back to Zamora. Which means yayayaya traveling all night.(I am so tired of traveling) And we might have to come back to Guayaquil on Wednesday to bring my old companion her things. I may go crazy.
How are you guys? I imagine that you guys are so well that you forgot to write me. hmmm mmm. But no seriously, I hope every one is super super happy and enjoying the summer! Happy birthday Grandpa and Harry Potter. I celebrated by going to 9 hours of church and learning how to play the guitar. It was fun.
Questions for Alex: What is like in Zomora?
Landscape: mountains. It is like we are hiking always. My bum is almost always sore.

Homes: Right now pretty poor. Like made out of old wood that is rotting and stuff. But some houses are pretty.

Weather: Rainy! It rains like every hour and so we walk around with umbrellas. Nothing dries because of the humidity.

I like being a sister leader. It is fun and stuff. I feel a little more pressure to have numbers and stuff but it is a good motivation and learning experience. Someone this week called me “Juana la bautista”

I love you guys!
Love, Hermana Brimley