Hello familia!

What a week you guys have had. The kids at EFY and being at home alone. But that sounds fun. What in the world why are you going to Disneyland in October, why wouldn’t you wait for me? It’s fine we can just go to Rome and I will feel better. Actually, I have a pal here on the mission that worked at Universal studios before the mission and he can get me into all of that stuff for free now. So the mission really is a blessing.
So this week was fun! On Monday we had cambios.(transfers) My new companion is Hermana Steffen…from the United States–California and has been out for 6 months. I am like so happy to have a gringa, my first on the mission. It is so much fun. She will run with me every morning. Though it isn’t easy to not speak English. So on Monday we had cambios but then we just stayed in Guayaquil because on Wednesday we had consejo de lideres (leadership council). Which was awesome. What was not awesome was the lack of clothing I had. But luckily Hermana Moreno (the President’s wife) bought me garments. So that was nice. Oh and consejo de lideres was AWESOME. It was so much fun to be with all the missionaries and stuff. And we have got some new rules! We can eat vegetables and fruits now! We can play sports! We can listen to EFY music! We can do service! We painted a house this week which was so awesome. We can wear pants!  It was so much fun.
A funny story: so Hermana Moreno was talking about how missionaries are gaining so much weight that they are having knee problems and back problems and can’t work and stuff so we need to start watching our diets. No cola in the mañana and cutting out intake of rice and stuff. She finishes, and they bring in a whole pizza from pizza hut for every person. Delicious. But yeah, we are going on a mission diet.
Another funny story: I was ask to talk about the challenges we have in our zone and in Loja and Zamora and so I talked about our bad asistencia at church (yesterday we started with 6 people attending) and how there is just full apostasia here. Like people who aren’t members wearing garments or blessing their food with the sacrament prayer and ending the sacrament meeting with a prayer on their knees and doing the cross action. Anyways, I said that and when I finished the whole consejo (counsel) like exploded with laughter. (That didn’t sound that funny writing it.)
So yeah. That night we traveled back to a city called Cuenca. Slept there, then on Friday we went back to Loja and then from Loja me and my companion came to Zamora. And now we are here. But tomorrow we have to go back to Loja for interviews with President and then on Wednesday go back again for a conferencia and then on Saturday AGAIN. So I am broke and kind of tired of traveling. But I love hearing from our President and his wife. They are so wise and humble and just want the best for us. Presidente has given me so much more to do as Sister leader…it is keeping me so busy. The Presidente and his wife has every one in the mission changing houses because they want us to live comfortably and happily. Not with cockroaches or without lights, water or with the cats. They are so awesome.
Okay I hope you guys are doing well, enjoying your fun summer and all of my sobrinos.(Jack, lizzie and Rose) I love you guys so much! I love the church so much. I am so so so happy to be here, to be a missionary. To get to talk about the church all the time and help people here in Zamora. Even when things are the worst, I am still so happy. I love the mission! I love you guys!
Love, Hermana Brimley